SewFatty takes 2014 ABC Kids Show

SewFatty Takes ABC KIDS SHOW

Whoa, what a blast! As many of you may know I had the opportunity to attend the ABC Kids Show 2014 – as an exhibitor for BalmBaby. Let’s just say it was amazing. Tons of great companies, from baby food to cloth diapers, to baby skin care, even a workout bench for toddlers. My hubby was able to join me which; was so awesome, it was like a mini vacation. We drove from San Diego to Arizona (had to drop off the munchkins at my parents house) then off to Las Vegas. 

If you’re wondering. What the ABC KIDS SHOW is all about ? It’s a expo where companies (big name brand to small new companies) come together to showcase their products. They all have, their own booths. Retailers, distributors walk the expo and check out the exhibitors booths to possibly carry their line of products depending on what the retailer/distributor is looking for.

It was such an amazing experience to be able to connect and network with such amazing people. I was able to meet some of my blogger and Instagram friends, which was like Christmas morning for me. I’ve known all these girls for like 3 years we all talk about everything and anything. So, to be able to meet them in person was the best thing ever ! I have to give a huge thanks to my boss’s Dominic & Malena Taylor for the opportunity

A huge thanks to Quest Nutrition for supplying us with protein bars and protein chips. Keeping me on track with my diet. Though, I will say we splurged a bit, but that’s okay. It’s okay to live a little, but also knowing you’re limits. All in moderation.

Here is video of our trip. 


Have you ever been to Las Vegas ?? or 

Have you ever tried a Quest Bar?? 

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