Itti Bitti Tutto Review & Giveaway

I had the pleasure of reviewing this beautiful itti*bitti One Size. Fits babies from 8lbs – 44 lbs comes in 18 different colors and 9 prints 

The itti*bitti’s comes with three soaker pads they are lined with stay dry suedecloth and bamboo/organic cotton and the itti*bitti’s signature colour coded snaps, so absorbency can be customised to suit each baby. 
The bitti tutto has a complete internal gusset, protecting the sides and back – it’s there patented ‘poo fence’ which means you don’t need to worry about leaks and can use this diaper with confidence! bitti tutto can be used in four different size settings to suit babies from newborn (8 lbs) right through to a small child (44 lbs plus).

Diaper being opened.

“poop fence”

Hip Snap
3 different soakers

The itti bitti Tutto in the largest setting 
 The smallest setting gets really small, I must say.

My Experience and Fluffy Details

Honestly the itti*bitti diaper looked very intimidating to me, I thought the inserts were going to drive me nuts. Im used to pocket diapers which consist of stuffing a pocket and I’m good to go. Once I started to play around with the itti*bitti and found so many awesome features I wasn’t so scared to try it. The itti*bitti is a very great quality minky diaper super soft with great features the gussets have a “poop fence” which is amazing. I just recently had a horrible experience while using a disposable diaper due to a rash. My son had a poop explosion. I’ve never had this happen to me with a cloth diaper . The itti*bitti gives you the reassurance that you won’t have a poop explosion with these amazing gussets. It also has the hidden hip snap which in my opinion is an awesome feature it has a piece of material so when not in use, it will not hurt your little bundle. I played around with the soakers and was able to change them in 5 different ways, I do appreciate the color coded snaps it makes it much easier to follow the instructions. That’s another feature I absolutely love about itti*bitti on there tag they have instructions on the “How to” for there diapers. Ashton was sporting his itti*bitti during the day and for some reason whenever he is wearing a new diaper he always breaks it in by pooping in it which was perfect to try out the “poop fence” and sure enough. The poop stay inside the “poop fence”. The one advice I would give parents is when spraying your itti*bitti  make sure to stretch out the gusssets and spray it so that you get all the poop off your diaper. Another awesome thing I loved about the itti*bitti is that you can unsnap all the inserts for them to wash individually. I experienced Zero leaks while using it. We also tried the itti*bitti at night time which I was a little skeptical for the fact that Ashton has become a heavy wetter at night. I didn’t want to wake up to a wet baby, much to my surprise he was not wet. No leaks, dry baby made me one happy mama. The one thing I will say is it might not be the easiest diaper for parents that are new to cloth diapers, it might scare them away. After you get the hang of things it does get easier, then it becomes a walk in the park. Overall I have loved the itti*bitti. It’s a great diaper added to my stash. I do recommend this diaper to every parent, fan, friends, family. The itti*bitti are amazingly great soft quality. You at least need to try these out. Don’t be afraid to try something different it might become your favorite diaper.

Booty shot!!

My lil’ bam bam sporting his itti*bitti tutto 

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Thank You, God Bless You

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you. This was written by me Pollyanna Valenzuela.

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  1. I love my itti bitti tuttos fit, how SOFT it is inside (really, after a ton of washes and wears!) and how pretty and vivid the patterns/colors are.

  2. the “poo fence” and the adorable patterns, vivid colors!

  3. I like the poop fence! GENIUS!

  4. I like that it has a hidden hip snap!
    Bekah Kuczenski

  5. We need a poop fence in all our diapers.

  6. oh, color coded. Some snap diapers confuse me.

  7. The poo fence and how soft it is!

  8. I love the wide range of sizes it fits!

  9. The minkee fabric is so soft!

  10. I like all of the soakers it comes with and the minky fabric! Plus they’re cute and come in great colors.

  11. I like how soft it is.

  12. i love the 3 different soackers

  13. I love that they are continually releasing new prints, and the versatility of this diaper!

  14. I like the size range and that they have such cute prints! I’d love to try one out!

  15. The vivid colors!!

  16. I have 2 Itti Bitti Tutos. I haven’t been able to use them yet, since my little boy is still in my belly. But I love how you can customize the inserts to work for your baby.

  17. When I first learned about itti bitti I thought it was the coolest idea ever. I still have a hard time telling the difference between their different types of diapers.

  18. the minky outter!

  19. I like how versitle it is, we have one in our stash and I really like it, I only wish I had more!

  20. The double gussets

  21. I like the the size range of it 🙂

  22. I love the adjustability of the inserts

  23. I like the size range and the minky fabric!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  24. I like how the inserts can be adjusted many different ways to fit each babe’s specific needs.

  25. I love how soft it is and how customizable.

  26. I like all the insert options!

  27. i like how customizable the absorbancy is

  28. I like the hip snaps. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  29. poo fence all the way! so neat!

  30. I love that it’s so customizable! Also, snap-in inserts FTW; mine always shift around!

  31. i like the trim fit

  32. I love the soakers. The Tutto always contains my heavy wetter!

  33. I love the fit, the “poop fence”, and especially those gorgeous prints!

  34. Wow, so many things…The poo fence, hip snaps, and the fact that this diaper fits kids up to 44lbs! The beautiful colors are nice too!

  35. I like how trim they look!

  36. I love how soft they are

  37. The poop fence. This looks great for my breastfed baby

  38. I love how long the insert is!
    masugr at yahoo dot com

  39. how soft they look and how the inserts are

  40. I love how soft they are

  41. I like how versatile it is and the fact the inserts are color coded
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  42. I like the minkee fabric and all of the different inserts.

  43. I like that it comes with all the different soakers, so you can customize it to your page rather than having to go back to buy more inserts.

  44. I like the color coded and hidden hip snaps

  45. I like all the super cute prints and how super soft they are.

  46. I love the size range and the prints are so cute!

  47. The poop fence is fantastic!

  48. poo fence! seems like a good way to contain all this newborn poo.

  49. There are so many beautiful prints!!

  50. I love how customizable it is!

  51. Love the 3 different soakers!

  52. I love the minky fabric. These diapers are so so soft!

  53. I love how trim they are and the adaptability of the soakers.

  54. I like the prints and how it has two different color snaps on the diapers!


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  2. ZigZag says:

    So cool…

    The information mentioned in the article are some of the best available…

  3. So cool…

    The information mentioned in the article are some of the best available…

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