NOW FAMILY Cloth Diaper Store Review

With their being so many online cloth diaper stores. Its very hard to choose your favorite(s). I found  NOW Family while reviewing Balm!Baby. Malena Taylor & Annette Marion the owners are amazing. NOW FAMILY is based out of Keauhou, Hawaii. Their Online Store offers brands like BumGenius, Best Bottom, Flip, Eco Posh, Planet Wise and so many more tailoring to your cloth diaper needs. I have ordered twice from them purchasing BumGenius products.

Couple things I love about the NOW Family is that their website is very helpful for parents that are NEW to cloth diapers. Their site is very helpful as far as explaining how each systems works (ex. Hybids, pockets, ai2) before buying. This topic can be challenging for NEW parents because some of us really didn’t know how cloth diapering works so for someone to take the time and explain how each system (virtually) works is amazing.
One of the BumGenius I purchased.

How the different systems work.
The site also offers a CLOTH DIAPER 101 
Which I have found very useful. New parents and even parents who already cloth diaper and need some help on these topics. I find myself searching their site for questions I sometimes have.
The NOW FAMILY also offers Diaper Services in Hawaii, which is awesome for the residents that live nearby. They also offer Baby registry so if your pregnant and want your friends and family to buy you diapers and accessories from the NOW FAMILY “
no worries” you can also set that up.
Their customer services is amazing while doing my online purchase the checkout process was very easy. Not only was it easy but my package was delivered “FAST”. I love receiving “fluff mail” I get very excited and anxious. So getting my package fast always brings a smile to my face. My husband makes me laugh he saids ” your not even the one wearing them how is that exciting?” I say” because my son will be wearing some super cute fluffy diapers duh!!!” 🙂
Overall THE NOW FAMILY is an amazing cloth diaper store I totally recommend their store their products and the people behind the store are amazing. They truly “practice what they preach” which is one of the reasons why I LOVE THEM!!!

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  1. Great review, Polly! I really like that they have a gift registry and also a diaper service. Anne

    • Thank you Anne !! I really love that about their store!! Also because the owners really do try and make Hawaii an Eco friendly place . They live and breathe it. I love this store.

  2. I didn’t even realize they had a gift registry. I am going to have to look into that since I have been trying to find one for my cousin’s diaper shower

  3. I love that they provide a diaper service. There aren’t any conveniently provided in my area.

  4. I think I will be utilizing their gift registry! That is very handy!

  5. I love that they have a gift registry. I’d love to get the Flip trainer package for my daughter. Hmmm… Her birthday’s next Saturday, I might have to do that. 🙂

  6. Yay a new resource for Cloth Diapering! I love finding new Eco-friendly stores that might stock something different from the others!

  7. I think more cloth diaper stores should have gift registries! (I need to send my sister-in-law to this website for babe-to-be!)

  8. Being new to cloth diapers (and parenting altogether) I will have to keep the NOW Family website bookmarked when I have questions or need more diapers!

  9. I love that they explain how diapers work so you can make informed decisions before you buy 🙂

  10. I love the helpful Cloth Diaper 101, it’s great to have resources all in one place.

  11. Love all the info they give on the different types of cloth diapers. I wish I had known about this when I was considering switching to cloth.

  12. Great review! I will head over there and check it out!

  13. I agree, more stores should offer a registry! I think that’s the most awesome thing evverr!

  14. Registries are the perfect thing for family & friends who want help your cloth diaper stash but don’t have a clue where to begin.

  15. I love there layout but I do not need a dipe service

  16. I love that they have a gift registry

  17. I like how easy their site is to navigate! Fast shipping is a plus, too.


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