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 This Giveaway Requires You To Make The Switch and Sign Up for the Challenge

If YOU do not sign up to do the switch your entries will not count.

Have you made the Switch yet??? New “Spook-tacular” Challenge

Brought to you by THic.Skin & Balm!Baby

Challenge will start October 1 & end October 31, 2012.

The challenge is to switch “BOO” (boo to plastic) to NEW (re-NEW-able) more sustainable materials
(glass, stainless steel, wood, clay, fabric, aluminum, etc.)

Each participant must switch at least TWO (2) items (switch from plastic that would normally be bought).

The month of October, centered around Halloween is FULL of plastic. This challenge was inspired by an experience of one of the founder’s of THinc. Skin.

When you sign up you will be entered to win various prizes that will be added throughout the month! GET EXTRA ENTRIES by liking ALL the sponsors Facebook & Following them on Twitter! Some prizes include:

* THinc. Skin $50 Gift Card! Our skin care line (including BALM! Baby & RAW Materials)

* Brinware: Plate Set (These are adorable glass plates!)

* Turtle Soup: 2 Wee Beginner Boxer Brief Trainers!

* Montana Solar Creations: Reusable produce bag (can double as a reusable trick or treat bag)

* i-Play Inc. / Green Sprout Baby – Bamboo Bowl & Wooden Baby Rattle!

* Zephyr Hill Blog – Halloween Pocket Cloth Diaper!

* My Plastic Free Life Book!

It’s EASY!! Make the SWITCH !!


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  1. disposable water bottles for reusable bottles – single serve oranges for real oranges

  2. My daughter’s trick or treat bucket is felted {not a plastic bucket or bag} and we aren’t using disposable plates for our Halloween party 🙂

  3. Amy Bailey says:

    I have switched from plastic water bottles to stainless steel ones for everyone. We have also witched our plastic containers for lunches and snacks to cloth ones. 🙂

  4. Single serve fruit and snacks to economy packs that we portion out in reusable tupperware. We quit buying bottled water and have switched to Camelback water bottles!

  5. my kids are using reusable “pumpkin” trick or treat bags and we are going to start using our brand new planetwise sandwich bags instead of ziplock bags for lunches!

  6. nicole gervais says:

    We are using pillow cases instead of plastic bags or bucket. Have been doing that since i was a kid.

  7. Hand-me -down costumes instead of new for Halloween and reusable drinking bottles/ cups

  8. Nicole Peerson says:

    My son’s costume is second hand and he is using a reusable trick or treat bag. No fake spider webs this year, I’m letting our resident spiders take care of that! 😉

  9. Kellina H says:

    We switched to unpaper towels…also using glass containers now to store our leftover food! 🙂

  10. Reusable Produce/grocery bag and wter bottles…less plastic here!!

  11. Used stainless steel forks and spoons for both of my son’s party and they are using a reusable trick or treat bag. 🙂

  12. Plastic bags are now reusable bags for the grocery store , plastic containers are now glass

  13. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I switched to reusable grocery bags and to a reusable water bottle!

  14. Anita Kvasnak says:

    Stopped using paper plates, use reusable grocery bags, and wash out platic baggies to be used again.

  15. I stopped buying iced coffee every morning before work (saves the planet and my wallet!) and I make my own and put in a re-useable cup. We also stopped using paper towels and plates and now use cloth rags and REAL dishes!

  16. plastic ziplock bags to stainless lunch containers, plastic produce bags to cloth muslin string-tied bags

  17. We already use cloth diapers instead of disposbles, but for this challenge, I’m going to switch to unpaper towels and cloth napkins! Great challenge! Thanks!

  18. Made the switch to glass storage containers, Camelback and Thermos drink containers for the whole family, purchased 4 Brinware plates that we love (looking forward to the bowls coming out!), reusable and washable sandwich/snack bags, reusable grocery bags that can be washed and stored easily into it’s own little pocket, cloth napkins, felt jack-o-lantern trick or treat bag that we can use every year, just a bit at a time can all add up to make a huge difference!

  19. nicole lewis says:

    glass containters instead of tupperware, and we have been using reusable sandwich bags for my husbands lunches. we also dont use paper towels or plastic shopping bags reusable for both now

  20. Reusable washable snack bags and grocery bags. Cloth diapers!

  21. I reuse pickle jars to store soups, chilli, chopped fruit and freeze them to eat later in the month. I also reuse baby food jars. I buy spices, baking soda and other stuff in bulk then use the baby food jars to store smaller amounts within reach while the big bulky stuff stays out of my way.

  22. I bought glass food containers to replace our plastic food containers. I replace plastic bags with reusable bags when I shop.

  23. Bobbie Aikens says:

    I am using cloth grocery bags and cloth diapers!

  24. bonnye sensenig says:

    I bought stainless lunch containers and re-useable snack bags!

  25. Colleen Maurina says:

    We switched from plastic sandwich bags to reusable cloth sandwich bags and we switched to cloth baby wipes.

  26. Kristal S. says:

    Glass storage containers, and my kids trick-or-treat bags are reusable bags

  27. I plan to start cloth diapering at night (currently using disposables till I run out) and I hope to get a new wet bag so I don’t have to use plastic bags anymore.

  28. I’m switching from disposable diapers to cloth and I think I’m going to start using reusable grocery bags.

  29. Jennifer O'Neal Wojcik says:

    We switched from plastic baggies to re-usable and don’t use bottles water we bring along reusable containers for drinks.

  30. I just switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. We stopped using plastic bags for our groceries too. We just bring our reusable bags.

  31. We have switched to un-paper towels and washable squeezers for the kids take to go yogurts/apple sauce.

  32. jenna burris says:

    now using reusable shopping bags than the plastic. also I am going to try reusable straws.

  33. We switched to glass containers to store left over food and we use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic ones to get out grocery.

  34. I already use cloth diapers, but am switching to mama cloth (making my own) and washable mop attachments.

  35. Brandi Powell says:

    Re-usable sandwich bags and I’m trying out some mama cloth!

  36. I use reusable tote bags for groceries and i’m not sure this counts but rather than buying new buckets or I’ve reused those heavy duty buckets that cat litter comes in. I have one for pee pee diapers (dry) and one for poo poo diapers (wet). Its made cloth diapering really easy.

  37. We just upgraded our “non-stick” pots & pans to stainless steel since it’s better for everyone. We also have more re-usable shopping bags so not as much plastic ones coming home.

  38. No plastic trick or treat bags and no more bottled water.

  39. Hand-me-down costumes and pillowcases instead of store bought on both

  40. We use cloth napkins, cloth wipes, part time cloth diaper (I’m slowly building my stash, I currently have 9 pockets, 1 cover and 5 fitteds) and buy in bulk to reduce packaging. Our Halloween costumes are made from stuff we have in our stash and we’re making paper mache masks instead of buying plastic ones.

    • I forgot to say that we’ve committed to eliminating all pre-packaged snacks from our diet and will make everything ourselves. That will eliminate a lot of plastic packaging from our waste stream. I’m also not buying dryer sheets anymore. Once the ones we have are gone, they’re gone. I’m making wool dryer balls from some old, torn wool coats someone gave me.

  41. I commit to using my canvas grocery bags (I have them, so why don’t I use them?). And will make my own laundry soap, so I don’t have to buy the laundry soap that comes in the plastic jugs.

  42. I use cloth wipes now and diapers! I also have switched from ziplock baggies to reusable sandwich bags. My husband and I both switched from plastic water bottles to glass!

  43. Bethany Beer says:

    Glass food storage containers and reusable laundry dryer sheets.

  44. reusing one of his favorite backpacks for his bag and creating a home made costume

  45. Janice Auna says:

    I’ve recently switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. Also, we switched from using water bottles to the stainless steel ones;)

  46. Reusable grocery bags and a homemade trick or treat bag, instead of the usual plastic pumpkin.

  47. becki mcknight says:

    our own grocery bags and cloth diapers

  48. We stopped using plastic water bottles and started using reusable grocery bags.

  49. reusable bags for plastic and cloth wipes for disposables!

  50. Jennifer Odom says:

    Reusable shopping bags and glass food containers. Repurposed/upcycled glass condiment jars are great for this!

  51. Ashley B. says:

    Reusable Grocery bags and Stainless steal water bottles!

    We also strive to have a “paper/plasticless kitchen” We use cloth towels, reusable sandwich bags, etc


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