My Baby Bump Journal – 13 Weeks

13 Weeks
This post was about ready and I just needed to posted it but since I took the whole month of October off, its a bit late but here it is.. lets play catch up… on this day my hubby told me we were going somewhere but did not tell me where. To my surprise he took me to a ultrasound office to see our little baby in the oven. I was really just surprised he wanted to see our little one that bad. Our Doctor has not done a ultrasound so he figured he would take it upon him self to do it or take me 🙂 We are very excited to meet our little baby soon, even though I’ve had 2 ultrasounds already I think each time is always just as beautiful to see a beautiful creation God has given you is so precious words cant even describe the way I feel and felt seeing another little person inside me.The experience was amazing here are some pictures of our little peanut.


Are you pregnant?? How are you feeling these days? 

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