My Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

We all have our way’s of washing Cloth Diapers. Some may say “ your not washing your cloth diapers right”!

So what’s the correct way? You may ask.  What it really comes down to is determining what water type you have? Hard or Soft water. After determining that, then its time to figure out what detergent works best this may take some time or it can be easy be sure to check out reviews and asking around to see what detergent would fit best with you. In my case I found that Rockin Green works great with our cloth diapers, we have hard water and live in Texas so we use Hard Rock.

Once you get all that under control you should then have a wash routine. I have recently changed my washing routine because I was having a problem with getting my cloth diapers completely clean I felt as though I was not getting them as clean, as I would like them to be. Which having a mini toddler now can be the difference his poop is not the same from when he was a baby.

So my washing routine NOW is

Lil Bam Bam Poops/Pees:

1. Spray the diaper down taking all the poop off the diaper, I then toss it in my (dry) Rumparooz diaper pail. If peed on  I take my diaper to the sink and rinse it out with water. *Prevents and keeps ammonia stinks at bay. I then toss it in the diaper pail.

2. I wash every other day. I try not to go a third day because then that becomes to many diapers to wash at once, you want to keep it at 12-14 diapers washing at once if that. (That includes inserts as well.)

3. Cloth Diaper Laundry Day! I throw my diapers in the washer and do these steps while listening to some jams and cleaning as I go 🙂

  • Pre-Rinse: Cold – no detergent
  • Wash: Hot – wash with detergent and a *extra rinse
  • 2nd Rinse: Hot or cold with no detergent to get any left over suds if I still see suds I do a 3rd rinse.

4. In the summer I line dry everything outside pockets, inserts, wipes (the sun is a great for stain remover).       In the winter like right NOW I dry my inserts in the dryer and Pockets/AIO I air dry then on my drying rack.


5. Take inserts out of the dryer and once the shell is dry stuff those pockets and have them ready as I go. That’s it!!! Thats how SewFatty gets down in the laundry room peeps. 🙂

* I will admit I want to try TIDE detergent for my cloth diapers, I have many friends that use it and are happy with the way it washes their diapers. Just not sure if I’m ready for it will see…


What is your washing routine ?

What type of detergent do you use?

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  1. I do a cold pre-wash and then a warm (100 degree) pre-wash. Poop comes of the diapers easiest at the same temp it went on and since the human body is 98.6…

  2. my toddler has the worst poops and the diapers still stink of poop sometimes after the pre-rinse, hot wash, and two warm rinses. I smell most of the inserts as I pull them out. I still do my second wash in hot though.

  3. so you do two washes ?? with detergent

  4. I do the second wash without detergent to make sure all the soap is out.

  5. I was scared to try Tide too but now I’m loving it!

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