Bamboobies Review & Giveaway!

I remember nursing my duaghter and thinking “OMG” you need pads for your boobs and for your mentrual period ‘gosh’ thats just way too much referring to not being comfortable. I used disposable nursing pads because I was young and didnt know much about these reusable comfy nursing pads. Now that I’m on baby #3 I want to use comfy reusable nursing pads. Once I had them in my hands I thought “yes this is exactly what I need”.

So what are Bamboobies?

They are heart shaped reusable nurnsing pads that are seriously super soft and comfy. They are made out of organic bamboo and cotton velour. Based on the pictures above you can see the three layers it has. I tried these bamboobies while wearing a regular white shirt I could not see the outline of the heart, making it not visable which is awesome. There is nothing worse then to see these two big round circles while shopping at the store and people looking at you kinda weird.

As far as washing the bamboobie’s it’s pretty simple you wash them by hand or in your washer in warm water DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER, really easy to care for. After I washed my bamboobies they still looked amazing. Also since I don’t have a dryer I air dried mine, sometimes when doing that clothes or cloth gets stiff. My bamboobies were still nice and soft even after air drying them which was a huge plus for me.

*I am currently pregnant and do not have any milk, so currently do not have comments as far as absorbency. I will definitely come back to this post to update you all after I have the baby and use them for my milk production 🙂

Overall Bamboobies are amazing I am going to stock up on these while pregnant with baby #3 that way I’m prepared once the baby is here. Also Bamboobies will be giving one of my amazing readers the opportunity to win $16.99USD credit to put towards any other Bamboobies products on their site. **Please note that winner will be responsible for their own shipping at a flat rate of $4.95.

Also use 20% off at checkout using code: SEWF20 at  This will be good for 20% any Bamboobies product (our nursing pads, nursing shawl, therapy pillows, nipple balm).

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  1. I’d get nursing pads. I’m tired of the waste of disposables.

  2. I’d get the overnight 2-pack.

  3. night time pads

  4. Regular Bamboobies 2 Pair Pack: Organic Bamboo Velour

  5. I’m sick of disposables, so reusable pads!

  6. Organic Bamboo Velour

  7. I would get the Regular Bamboobies 2 Pair Pack: Organic Bamboo Velour.

  8. I would get more bambooobies I lovvvve them. So soft and so pretty.

  9. Multi pack with overnight!

  10. I’d like the overnight pads.

  11. Multi-pack!

  12. Amy Miller says:

    I’d get the overnight pads

  13. multi-pack with both kinds 🙂

  14. I would get the overnight pads

  15. multi pack

  16. Katie Fowler says:

    The 2 pack in bamboo velour!

  17. Julie Ghrist says:

    I would get the Regular Bamboobies 2 Pair Pack: Organic Bamboo Velour

  18. Kristi Cartwright says:

    Possibly the two pack made of organic bamboo…not sure!

  19. Regular Bamboobies 2 Pair Pack

  20. Zephyr Hill says:

    I would get the overnight pads since I leak a lot during the newborn phase.

  21. I’d choose the overnight pads.

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