Tummy Ties Review & Giveaway

No not hair ties! They are Tummy Ties!!

What are Tummy Ties? You may ask?

They are expandable high quality elastic for woman that are pregnant, pre-menstrual or post-operative bloating and need just a little more room to feel comfortable without having to get rid of your favorite jeans or shorts. I used a hair tie to do this. It wasn’t very comfy but I still wanted to wear my old jeans or shorts while pregnant. So I would suck it up as bad as that sounds. Now that I have some Tummy Ties it makes my jeans all that much better super comfy you cant even tell you have them on. They are super easy to use. I used them while on my trip to California and Arizona and even my mom thought they were neat. I will be using them throughout my pregnancy and post-partum while I’m on my period and feel bloated these will be coming in handy. I too love the fact that they come in 3 neutral colors that you can rotate. I totally recommend these Tummy Ties to anyone wanting just a some more room in your jeans or shorts, skirts. They come in a pack of three with different sizes. Here are some awesome features and benefits.

Features and benefits of TummyTie:

  • Extremely comfortable to wear & easy to use
  • Discreet & classic in appearance
  • The elastic expands with your waistline; the average wear is up to 6 months & post pregnancy using the medium TummyTie, & there is also a large TummyTie included in the pack for later or multiple pregnancy
  • Your pants, skirt and jeans sit flat
  • The unique patented design of TummyTie being threaded through the buttonhole & back over itself eliminates the need for a fabric panel in the front of your pants (it holds the pants together at the top rather than encouraging them to be pulled further apart like other products, & this stops your zipper from going down).
  • The patented design also enables the TummyTie to stretch depending upon how much pressure your tummy is putting on it – so it is perfect for fluctuating weight, in-between sizes, menopausal or post-operative bloating, right through to full term pregnancy; It is extremely versatile
  • High density elastic material means the TummyTie always keeps its shape & strong elasticity and is very durable
  • Designed for front, side and back fastening garments
  • You can also wear the TummyTie the reverse way around on the inside button & buttonhole of your slide fastened pants!

Definitely worth checking out and getting your self a pair. On a great note Tummy Ties will be giving away a pack to one of my awesome readers.

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