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Being a parent is a tough job. Part of being a parent is wanting what is BEST for your children. I recently wanted to buy a Nap Nappy for my son on the way, after much reading and researching I found out that this Nappy was actually being Recalled and taken off the market due to infants death. I totally freaked out and was sadden by this tragic news. I wouldn’t want that happening to anyone its very sad and unfortunate. So glad I looked into this before buying this product as it is still being sold in boutiques and small stores.

With Recalls Plus you will monitor recalls on your children’s items. It has been designed and developed by parents of young children for other parents of young children.

Checklists by Age:

Select an age range to choose common products from easy preset checklists for Newborn, Infant, and Toddler.

Add Any Product:
Track recalls on items you already own or want to buy. For example, Britax Stroller, Graco Toys, etc.

Track Foods:

Select from 8 FDA-mandated food allergies to get alerts on related food recalls. For example, eggs, fish and peanuts.

Recalls plus will only send alerts when a related recall applies for one of the products or food allergens you have listed. You can also browse the nationwide list of recalls reported by top government agencies.

I mean how cool is that being able to customize this App to your family specifications ?

Here are some more features for the Recalls Plus

Features of the Recalls Plus App include:
• Proactively delivers timely recall alerts for the items on your Personal Watch List (a personalized list of the brands and products that you wish to monitor)
• Hand curates every product and food recall directly from government agencies (CPSC, NHTSA, FDA, USDA) for relevance to children and consolidates them in one place
• Provides parents a simple, easy-to-use solution to track recall information and instantly share it with family and friends

This App is Free be sure to get it to keep your family safe from any products out there that may be harmful. If we can avoid it why not do it right?? So lets stay ahead of the game with our kids and family safety.  

So download the App based on your preference.

Download Recalls Plus: Apple Store

Download Recalls Plus: Google play

Get the Recalls Plus App for Facebook

It’s easy you can also just download it from your phone, that’s what I did.

Don’t think about it, be about it !

Disclosure – This article is sponsored by Recalls Plus
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  1. totally cool!

  2. Great resource! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. I love it! I am always forgetting to check recalls and with 4 kids and many different products and toys I don’t always catch an item being recalled.

  4. Zephyr Hill says:

    What a great idea, and a way to put a parent’s mind at ease!

  5. This is very cool. I’m going to use the Facebook ap. Just pinned it also.

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