My Baby Bump Journal – 25 weeks

25 weeks Today!!
So whats new??? Let’s see my ‘lil’ edward is 
 measuring about 13 1/2 inches, weighs a pound and a half.
I am not having any crazy cravings except fruit. I have not weighed myself, but I do notice my tummy getting bigger 🙂 My ‘lil’ edward moves so much he is always kicking me some hurt some just feel like fluttering. I am feeling very anxious to meet him as well as my hubby and Adryana. I have been feeling very emotional, anything will make me cry. I have been buying my lil one some newborn diapers, starting his newborn stash. Also have been looking into converting over to mama cloth after I deliver my son. I have been feeling good, my headaches are gone for the most part. ***TMI*** I have had some crazy pains down down in the “baby making area” 🙂 its like a soreness and its whenever I get up or I’m sitting for too long and get up. Its kinda crazy I remember having these with ashton and my Dr. said it was something with ligaments but it really hurts sometimes.. I find myself having tons of pillow around me to make myself comfy. I love pillows..  I mean who doesn’t ?? Also have been having some leg cramps “gosh those are painful” seriously I don’t know whether to cry or stretch my leg out or pull my hair. Overall though I am feeling great slowly preparing for our new addition to come.
Hope you all had a great Christmas, we sure did just grateful for all the things God has given us most importantly just giving us good health and spending time with my family.
Are you expecting ?? TTC?? How are you feeling? 

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  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    So much fun reading updates about Lil Edward! I’ve been craving fruit with this pregnancy, too, so that would be neat if we’re both having boys. I’ll find out in about 10 days – woo hoo!

  2. I remember those leg cramps well! I can honestly say that those were the worst part of pregnancy, especially turning over in bed in the middle of the night and waking up to incredibly sharp pains up my legs that took minutes to relax. My Dr. suggested upping my calcium so I ate insane amounts of broccoli and drank almond milk all of the time…which was pretty much most of my pregnancy diet. That helped somewhat…

    • Alanna i love ya!! you are just too cute.. I didnt know that eating broccoli could help with that thank you for letting me know.. but yes these cramps are just plain horrible… you wanna know something horrible and funny.. when I was in labor with ashton i was pushing.. and got a leg cramp lol. i said ohhhhh nooooo hurry up edward extend my leg.. he was trying to pull on it lol… the dr said push up 🙂 funniest thing ever.. now in retrospect not at the moment though

  3. Oh yeah, I am neither TTC (at the moment 😉 ) or pregnant, but love following these posts!

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