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Welcome to the Snug as a Bug Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network. With the cooler weather coming strong, I’ve joined with over 40 other bloggers to bring you great products to keep your baby snug as a bug!

Each blogger participating has a great Baby/Toddler Prize Package for you to win, worth at least $25, so after you enter mine, be sure to hop around to all the others in the linky!  Don’t forget to enter to win one of the GREAT GRAND PRIZES for the Event as well, including a Beco Baby Carrier, Kowalli, and The First Years Feeding Prize Pack!


SewFatty has brought together this awesome Snug As A Bug Prize pack one reader will take all Prize Pack Includes:

Little Comfort Bambee OS Fitted – ($19.95)

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Eucalyptus Rub – ($9.99)

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Giveaway will end at 11:59 EST on January 29, 2013

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According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, and the Snug as a Bug participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.
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  1. jessica long says:

    playing board games and cuddling

  2. Geri Fink says:

    Reading and snuggling.

  3. Kelly Tanner says:

    We read books and play games.

  4. We love to read books and rock to sleep!

  5. Dacia Reed says:

    Play with my baby and rock her to sleep!

  6. we read books before nap time!

  7. Reading, Singing, Tummy time, Airplane

  8. snuggling up and reading or dancing around while singing our favorite songs:)

  9. Courtney Tarver says:

    We read, color, or play a game together.

  10. Our snuggle time before bed is great quality time.

  11. My first child is due in May, so right now I can mostly just sing to him.

  12. My nursling and I get regular quality times a day while he’s eating. My 3 year old and I get quality time playing play doh, games, or playing pretend.

  13. Krista Grandstaff says:

    We read… and lately…we have been “fingerpainting” with pudding and pureed fruit 🙂 ( a few flexible plastic cutting boards that can be rinsed off quickly to start over on another Picasso are a must have!)

  14. I spend quality time with my daughter by playing with her and reading to her

  15. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    Reading books!

  16. Elizabeth Volker says:

    Now that the newbie is here, it’s a little harder to find quality time together, but one thing we really enjoy is reading books together when I’m nursing the baby. That way we can snuggle and do something together even though I have to attend to the baby at the same time.

  17. Alena Mack says:

    Right now, just holding him. He is 11 weeks old!

  18. coloring, snuggling, one-on-one reading time

  19. holding, snuggling – and playing with baby toys 🙂

  20. Kristen Redman says:

    I spend quality time with my kids by reading, snuggling before bed, talking to them about their day, and bath time.

  21. I work full time so I spend quality time with my baby after work until bedtime. We play for while, enjoy dinner together,and then have a bath and bed routine. It’s a lovely way to wind down the day for us 🙂

  22. Playing games on the computer, playing outside, washing dishes- my two year old loves washing dishes, reading, and imagination playing.

  23. My quality time is generally reading and doing puzzles with my daughter.

  24. Katrina Smith says:

    cuddling and reading together or one on one playing!

  25. Reading, playing games, playing outside, just about anything. 🙂

  26. laura jeffery says:

    reading books and snuggling. both my 7 month old and my 2 year old also love to be wrapped on my back, so they are learning about taking turns early 🙂

  27. Love that it’s bamboo/cotton material and that it has a fold down rise. 🙂

  28. I spend quality time with my daughter by doing crafts and cooking with her. She’s only 2 but she really loves to help mommy in the kitchen 🙂

  29. Playing games, snuggling, or just talking about stuff.

  30. Joelyn M. says:

    reading books together

  31. we have our 4 year old grandson every monday with us and also on saturdays…he loves to be read to and loves to play board games…he is so much fun! another sweet baby is due in june…we are so excited!

  32. Elora Toews says:

    I am due in 9 days so I guess I don’t technically have little ones yet, but I do love to spend time every day to feel her movements and focus in on how she is doing in there!

  33. Christine says:

    My little one will be here in May! But, I do talk to my baby throughout the day, let him or her listen to music, and read to him or her!

  34. I read to him or just get down on the floor and play with him

  35. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love playing in the floor with my daughter and reading to her

  36. Beth Rees says:

    Definitely playing on the floor and watching his imagination go crazy

  37. We play together, hug, and read

  38. Amanda W. says:

    We read books, play games, snuggle.

  39. My little is still so little! But we enjoy dancing together and I hope he doesn’t outgrow it.

  40. We start every day with cuddle time and usually have some more once she gets up from her nap

  41. I make sure I have full conversations with them where they know I’m listening and responding to what they have to say 🙂

  42. kim johnson says:

    We play on together, work on a craft, or snuggle before bed.

  43. We pretty much do everything together. I think I like bath time the most though. It’s so fun watching him splash.

  44. we read lots of books.

  45. Nicole lewis says:

    We read, play/walk outside

  46. hollylynn says:

    We play, sing, dance inside and outside

  47. Jessie T-B says:

    I talk to him and read books and give lots of kisses and snuggles. He is only a tiny guy.

  48. Chelsea Korth says:

    I love that you can adjust the absorbancy as well as the size.

  49. Julie Jones says:

    we read

  50. We do a lot. eating dinner as a family, baths as a family, game nights, movie nights, swimming, hiking, I think no matter what we are doing as long as it’s together it’s quality time.

  51. Story time, games and the park.

  52. Rebecca Rushton says:

    Help them build their train tracks, read books, color.

  53. we crawl together

  54. Catherine Ly says:

    we play, sing, talk, and snuggle

  55. jeanette sheets says:

    love to read and play games go to the park

  56. Depends on how little. The smallest ones cuddle with me while they nurse. Once they’re weaned, they seem not to enjoy sitting/cuddling much anymore. They all like singing, though.

  57. Right now baby is still in womb so I rub my belly a lot, and talk to it as I go throughout my day… lots of singing too and this baby should come out being able to say “I love you” as much as it hears it 😀

  58. We read books together, do crafts together, I bring him everywhere with me in the baby carrier.

  59. we love to snuggle and read

  60. I hold her all the time 🙂 She is only 4 months old so she will still let me snuggle with her all the time. 🙂

  61. Reading, playing with toys, playing at park.

  62. Today we went to the park to feed the ducks!

  63. We love to build things with blocks and Legos! They are so creative!

  64. Lily Ivey says:

    We love to put on some music and dance. Both my girls love music and dance. We also read lots of books.

  65. Before each nap and night we read books, snuggle, and sing.

  66. We love playing outside in the yard, inside with puzzles, having dance parties or chasing each other, or out at the park!

  67. How do you spend “Quality Time” with your little ones?? Mommy and Me time (from Positive Parenting Solutions)…whatever she chooses that day. Mostly reading books, dancing, playing at the park.

  68. alexis janiszewski says:

    We play monster!!! They usually jump all over me!!!

  69. lyndsay chae deurmier says:

    We snuggle in bed watching a movie.

  70. Read,nurse, and play with her Mega Blocks, she LOVES them!

  71. sitting and talking over dinner

  72. I read to him until he gets bored (he’s 5 months) and I made up a song I sing to him where I add whatever we’re doing into the verses.

  73. reading

  74. no kids yet but we look forward to reading stories and singing

  75. Kristi Cartwright says:

    My first little one is due in one week–get back to me with that question!! Can’t wait for him to be here for that quality time though 🙂

  76. Aubree Faunce says:

    I snuggle and read to them while sitting with them in my lap.

  77. We snuggle a lot, and he loves to sit in my lap and read books, or play toddler games on the kindle. Also really getting into doing puzzles together

  78. Laughing and making jokes, reading, snuggling, playing games together, going for walks… I’ve spent enough days away from them at school or work that nothing compares now to just being home for them!

  79. We play games and read books. Also play outside a lot and try to attend local child friendly events.

  80. angie dostal says:

    Snuggling, dancing, singing songs together, reading books and pretending to eat the many things she “cooks” for me. 🙂

  81. jorie rogers says:

    My son and I enjoy reading together. We grab a book or two and snuggle up for some quality time. It’s our special moment each evening.

  82. jennifer laur says:

    our favorite is reading books, and playing pretend with his little wooden figures and his castle, doll house, and firehouse

  83. Read, dance, color.

  84. Each week we take an evening and do things that the kids like to do. Science experiments, tent camping in the living room, a movie. We also read books together, and my husband and I are our oldest son’s cub scout Den Leaders.

  85. reading, cuddling and going on adventures

  86. Makena Chesney says:

    Reading and coloring are two of our favorites!

  87. Baby gets lots of quality time while she nurses. I also wear her quite a bit. The others spend time with me doing school, reading books, watching TV together, cooking together. It depends on the age and stage each child is in.

  88. Christi k says:

    Read books or sing 🙂

  89. Gina Hodges says:

    my LO is 8 mo but he loves touch and feel books so I read him those and describe what he is touching and seeing! He also loves to snuggle when he needs to chew because of teething!

  90. Michelle Lee says:

    Playing and singing and reading stories.

  91. Kayla Dusseau says:

    we love to snuggle and play with her blocks!

  92. Hannah Ezinga says:

    We love to snuggle!

  93. We read books, make snacks, play in the floor and on the bed and have tickle time.


  94. Claiborne says:


  95. Our baby isn’t here yet, but I can’t wait to spend quality time with her outdoors teaching her about nature!

  96. Nursing. 🙂

  97. with the baby i rock him alot the other i read book and tell storys

  98. we’d read books together 🙂

  99. We dance, sing, read, play, go on walks 😀

  100. Saver Sara says:

    We love reading together

  101. I work from home so I can spend as much time as possible with my little ones. We read books, do art, play outside, or play games

  102. Read, cuddle, sing and play. Love every minute.

  103. Angie Ukena says:

    we like to play games and read books together

  104. Reading a book together or watching a movie

  105. becky worthman says:

    I like to dance while holding her–or do the babywearing workout! We also read books and play with toys (she’s 5 months old)

  106. Lots of snuggle time. And reading and playing.

  107. JJ Caraway says:

    Reading and singing

  108. We spend time watching cartoons and playing games!
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