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Let’s start the New Year with an amazing super soft, squishy bamboo fitted diaper review!!

Little Comfort Bambee OS Fitted is a European Line of Cloth Diapers that are now being sold in the USA! Yay for us seriously because these fitted diapers are amazing. It is made of 80 % Bamboo Pico and 20% Polyester Plus Bamboo and Cotton Fleece 70/30 its a beautiful nice natural cream color and fits babies from birth to potty training (this is based off the average baby, every baby is different). It has two adjustable sizes 1 and 2 as shown below on the left hand side you have the largest setting and on the right you have the smallest setting.

Little Comfort Features:

  • One Size – from Birth to Potty
  • Includes 2 Boosters, topped with luxurious micro fleece
  • Super absorbent
  • Day or Night time use.
  • Adjustable both in size and absorbency levels


Picture shown below is the diaper completely unsnapped, it contains 2 boosters, both a size 1 and size 2. When both boosters are snapped together it works great for night and very heavy wetting babies. The side of the soaker that is touching babies skin has has the fleece to keep baby dry and not uncomfortable.

little comfort inserts

Lil Bam Bam’s Stats:

  • 14 months old
  • 23.3 lbs.
  • Sensitive skin
  • Heavy Wetter at night
  • Average baby size he is not chubby at all, more on the lean (small waited)

littlecomfortbeforenaft lilcsides

My Experience

I love our Little Comfort fitted diaper. The fit is great, its easy to use. It may take you a few tries to get the correct sizing for your baby. Once you get it, it’s easy peasy. We used a capri cover and It worked great, the diaper is not really bulky which is nice because the covers just fit nicely. I love the fleece topped soaker something other fitted diapers Do Not offer. It keeps my babies bum dry and comfortable. We have used this diaper at night it worked great for one night I did not experience any leaks. The second and third time I used it I had some leaks so I added a doubler and it worked great. So just keep in mind that if you have a heavy wetter like mine you might just want to add a doubler, which they actually sell as well (booster). Also keep in mind that it does not reach its full absorbency till after 5-6 washes. I love that we can use this diaper till potty training stage and also I will be able to use for new baby on the way.  Overall I love and totally recommend this diaper. “It’s so FLUFFY” like seriously who wouldn’t want this on their bum?

You can now go buy your little munchkin one of these awesome Little Comfort Bambee Fitted Diapers. Check out Green Team Enterprises Retailers. I know Dearest Diapers is now carrying them to for only $17.95

You can also Win one 

 Enter Here.

Do you have fitted diapers? Do you use them for day or night use?


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  1. I like the trim fit and the fleece lined soaker

  2. Dacia Reed says:

    I love that its great for heavywetters and would make a great nighttime diaper! I’m looking for a new nighttime solution and really want something that would go great under a wool cover, which this would!

    • it toally would Dacia, i have yet to try wool looking at some options but I’ve heard nothing but good things about wool.

  3. Does it seem to have plenty I room for a wide baby?

    • Shelilah yes it does my son is using it in the smallest setting so It still has so much more room, so totally would fit a wide baby.

  4. I love the adjustability and versatility of this fitted! One size from birth to potty, adjustable absorbency for those of us with heavy wetters or for overnight. And a trim fit never hurts!

  5. These look like great fitteds!

  6. Kristen Redman says:

    I just love fitteds in general–especially the squishy ones like this. I also like that it’s bamboo. I’ve always wanted to try a bamboo fitted.

  7. jessica long says:

    te option of added absorbency

  8. Gosh I love that it’s for day AND night! It’s so hard to find a good nighttime diaper solution. I’d love to give this a shot as our night time diaper!

  9. I like that this diaper has snap in boosters to help reduce dry time!

  10. Katrina Smith says:

    I love that it’s one size, those are the best!

  11. laura jeffery says:

    love how its one sized, and it looks so fluffy and cuddly!

    • laura it totally is.. i put it against my skin and wow.. seriously i would love to wear one bwuahahhahha just to see how comfy my son feels you know.

  12. I love that it is one sized and would work for overnight.

  13. I love the soft bamboo & trim fit. I have a different brand bamboo fitted that is only going to fit my guy for another month or two, and I’ll be very sad to see it outgrown. I’d love this one to replace it!

  14. Joelyn M. says:

    I love that the 2 sizes would fit from birth to potty training

  15. love that itis super absorbent and soft bamboo.

  16. Christine says:

    Love how fluffy and comfortable it seems!!

  17. Sarah Hayes says:

    I like how absorbant this fitted is. It also looks good on the baby and isnt to bulky

  18. Beth Rees says:

    I love the snap in boosters!

  19. i love that it can be used for a heavy wetter… and that it looks so soft=]

  20. Amanda W. says:

    I love that it’s a fitted and it’s OS!

  21. It looks really comfortable and I’m glad that it isn’t bulky. I may have to check that out. We always need more fitted’s.

  22. Really liking that fiber content

  23. kim johnson says:

    I love that it is designed for heavy wetters and has a stay dry inner layer.

  24. I love that this is a one sized fitted.

  25. I like the snap in boosters.

  26. Nicole lewis says:

    I love that it one size!

  27. hollylynn says:

    I like that it is trim and adjustable.

  28. Jessie T-B says:

    I like that it is not bulky, and works for a heavy wetter.

  29. I like that it is bamboo. Very absorbent, great for overnight.

  30. Julie Jones says:

    I love how fluffy it is. It’s gotta be so comfy!

  31. Rebecca Rushton says:

    I love how the soaker has fleece on it

  32. I love that these are one-size and contain natural materials.

  33. I love that it’s all natural.

  34. I love the material that it is made of, and I like that it fits a large range of sizes!

  35. I love that it looks so cushy and fluffy as well as functional.

  36. Kelly Tanner says:

    I love the fit of the diaper. It looks very comfortable!

  37. Bamboo has become my new love in cloth diapering! I love having a great fitted to wear around the house (cover-less) especially during a rash!

  38. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I love fitted diapers, that is all I use for nighttime 🙂 I love that this is a OS fitted and that you can adjust the absorbancy 🙂

  39. Would love to try this Little Comfort Bambee on my NB were expecting to meet in a few short weeks:)

  40. lyndsay chae deurmier says:

    I love how trim it looks and love the fact it is OS!

  41. It looks comfy and I love that it is one size!

  42. covered with wool, it would be great for nighttime

  43. I love that this is completely made of bamboo! I have a heavy wetter and something like this would be perfect for nighttime. Thanks for reviewing!

  44. I love that it is a one size, and that the snaps overlap.

  45. I love that its one size and super absorbent!

  46. I love how soft it looks and that it seems to really be a OS diaper, we’ve found some that claim they are really don’t fit our 2 year old correctly.

  47. angie dostal says:

    I like that it fits from birth to potty training!

  48. jennifer laur says:

    i love how gentle the elastic around the legs look, and the cross over snaps

  49. This sounds like a great overnight diaper. I love how it’s a OS and you don’t have to worry about finding the right size, it can grow with baby

  50. Nikki Perry says:

    I love that it is so trim and would still work well as an overnight diaper.

  51. I love how fluffy and soft it looks!

  52. Love the one size! And have been wanting to try bamboo 🙂

  53. I’ve seen these in my local store and they’re so soft! The fitteds I use now are hemp and cotton blend. They are not one size and are too big on my girl but they work well for night.

  54. I have a few in my stockpile 🙂

  55. I like that is can go from birth to potty training

  56. Gina Hodges says:

    I like that it can be used for nighttime I am still looking for the perfect night diaper (just switched to cloth last week)

  57. Lily Ivey says:

    I like that it’s a natural fiber fitted, but it has a stay dry liner.

  58. WillowMoon says:

    I love that it is one size & that it’s bamboo. I think it would be great for nights:)

  59. Michelle Lee says:

    I love that it’s bamboo. Bamboo is so absorbent!!

  60. I love that it’s made from bamboo and looks very soft and cozy!

  61. Hannah Ezinga says:

    I love bamboo!

  62. First of all, these look super soft! Also, from the looks of it, they have a good fit as well. Great review, mama!

  63. Krista Grandstaff says:

    I really like how well this works for a small waisted baby, especially a heavy wetter…the adjustability of this diaper is fantastic! 🙂 Thanks for the great review… I’ve bought some crazy expensive cloth diapers that ended up being useless… this gives me faith!!!

  64. I love that it’s one size, and looks like it would be so comfy!

  65. i have used the regurla diaper with the older one and now i like to use these and blog on it

  66. I like that these diapers seem to fit lean babies well…because that’s what I have! A tall and skinny little man.

  67. Angie Ukena says:

    I like that it looks really comfortable

  68. becky worthman says:

    I don’t have fitted diapers, but I think I would use this for night–we need a new solution as LO gets older (and wets more!)

  69. I love how trim and soft it looks.

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