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pinkblushFinding cute pregnancy clothes is not always easy. I remember being pregnant with my daughter and not being able to find cute, trendy clothes to wear and when I did find it, it was very expensive. Which for the most part maternity clothes is expensive but there is stores that do offer great prices and or offer discounts, clearance section which is always so awesome. PinkBlush Maternity is one of those websites they offer a huge variety of modern, trendy maternity clothes for such a great price. They offer flat rate shipping for orders over $50 and have on going sales up 30% off. I mean seriously you cant beat that!!


PinkBlush Maternity sent me a pair of skinny black jeans, these jeans are super light weight and stretchy material which make them beyond comfy. They also have the Lycra material that goes over your stomach which is awesome but I did have some issues with that just because it doesn’t go over your entire stomach, it kinda goes like mid way. I’m 28 weeks pregnant so it comes up to my belly button and has elastic to grip, making it somewhat uncomfortable. Felt  a lot of pressure if that makes sense. So just wished the lycra material would go over my entire stomach. I wore them over the holidays to our friends Thanksgiving dinner. They are comfy, stylish. PinkBlush have many tops and bottoms to choose from be sure to check them out for your maternity needs or even for gifts.


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Did(Do) you wear cute Maternity clothes while you were(are) pregnant ? 

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