My Newborn Registry and Stash #Giveaway

Finding out I was pregnant with baby #3 was a total surprise. First thought was “OMG I will be able to cloth diaper a newborn” yay!! My husband and I are both very excited to add on to our family. With that being said I won’t be needing much as far as essentials since my son is only 14 months so a lot of his stuff I’ve kept and will be used for our baby soon to come in April. My mom recently asked me if I wanted her to throw me a baby shower. I kindly said “no thank you mom” we are too far away and it’s just not worth it. So instead she asked  “why don’t you register for things you want and if friends and family would like to buy something they can just ship it to your address. Genius Idea !! I totally agreed with her even though I do have some things from my son its always nice to have “new” things for a new baby. So instead of a baby shower I will be registering at stores and sharing them on my personal Facebook.

My family is very supportive and have offerered to buy anything I may need for the new baby. Since they offered I will have a great stash for new baby on the way. I have already started my mini stash, I took advanatage of the Black Friday sales Kellys’s Closet had hubby bought the baby 4 lil joey’s diapers. Here is what I have so far. Not sure what I will like best, I’m just super excited to cloth diaper my son. You can never have too many diapers right ???


ds-blessingway-200Kelly’s Closet is giving you a chance to win 6 newborn cloth diapers, a wet bag, and a pack of cloth wipes in their Blogger Blessingway Giveaway !! How awesome is that??

Enter below and then be sure to browse the blogs on the linky for lots of tips on cloth diapering a newborn. Wait That’s NOT it !!

Visit their Facebook Page and ENTER their Virtual Blessingway.

Did you cloth diaper your newborn?

Do you plan to ??

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  1. I turned down a shower for my second daughter also, but mt New favorite way to bless a new mom is to make freezer meals. easy to either microwave or toss in crock pot.

  2. Kristen Walker says:

    I think it is great to make them a meal and drop it by. It was a huge blessing for me with my daughter when our friends and family did that for us. Also, if they had other children maybe take them for the day ( or just a couple hours) so they can relax/ do whatever they want to before the new baby comes.

  3. I would love to gift these to a pregnant friend.. she is cloth diapering her son but has a daughter on the way.

  4. Renea PIke says:

    Freezer meals for new moms! Both of my pregancies I was lucky enough to have my mom be our personal chef for 2 weeks, I couldn’t imagine it without her!

  5. Emily Jarvis says:

    I think it is a great idea to bless a new mom with an outing for her other kids so she and her husband can have a little alone time with the newest baby. And, diapers (of any kind) showing up on the doorstop unexpected doesn’t hurt either!

  6. I think getting together with a group of friends and spacing some meals out over several weeks is a great blessing. A lot of people tend to swarm in the first week or two and then visitors slow down and real life hits so having one or two meals during those later weeks can be a big help. Especially if the meals are something that can be thrown in the freezer for later if not needed right away!

  7. With my sister’s first born, I went over once a week during the first 14 weeks and watched my niece overnight so that the new mom and dad could get a long stretch of sleep. She said some days that she made it through on little sleep knowing that she’d get a good night’s rest soon. For her second and third babies, they had it down and didn’t need me to spend the night, instead just play with the older ones during the day 🙂

  8. I would do what I can to help around her house & make her a couple dinners! I know that’s what I appreciated most as a new mom!

  9. nicole lewis says:

    freezer meals. i was given some with my first daughter and it was great to have something that just needed to be put in the oven and served!

  10. Dandi Daffyhill says:

    I had to build my stash of cloth diapers little by little, so I’d like to give a new mom a head start by helping her get started in cloth!

    • That’s so awesome !! I think as a cloth diapering mom receiving cd now for a baby shower would be so amazing even without a baby shower to just get surprised with it would be awesome !

  11. I would offer to watch other children to give mom a break

  12. I like to host a Baby Celebration Party. It doesn’t put so much emphasis on “what can I get” just cake & lunch and if presents are bought for mom, then ok 🙂 Meals are an absolute MUST! WHo wants to cook right after having a baby, right.

  13. My niece is pregnant and she wants to use cloth but I am worried she might get discouraged. I hope to win this for her to inspire her to use cloth. I give her as much advice as I can, sharing everything I learned when I was pregnant.

  14. Mommagina says:

    My brother and his wife are expecting in June. This is their first child and they want to use cloth diapers. I am so happy they want to use cloth. I love cloth diapers and have a nice stash I am going to let them borrow, but it starts at a size small. I don’t have my own newborn stash because I borrowed from a cloth diapering friend to get started. I need to build my own for when I have my next baby and help my future niece/nephew to have a great newborn stash too! I would love to win this giveaway since it would be put to good use right away!

  15. Make meals for the freezer, spend time with siblings and new baby so mom can get some rest.

  16. There are so many things we can do to help out a new mother. I love the freezer meals, cleaning part of the house without asking, and just coming over to talk for a while.

  17. Stopping by to hold a cryng baby so mom can have a bubblebath and some silence 🙂

  18. Kelly Tanner says:

    I would offer to help with her other children or even help clean her house. I know how hard it can be to do the simplest things when you are expecting or have a newborn. I am expecting a new baby this Summer! <3

  19. I would help by giving cloth diapers of course! I have been helping out my cousin and they love them. 🙂

  20. I wish I had used cloth from the start with my 7 m.o. If we have another I’ll definitely use cloth right away.

  21. I think one of the best ways to help a new mom is with freezer meals. I had family members cook for me when I delivered and it was so helpful! I would also volunteer to watch her older children.

  22. Sitting is always a blessing!

  23. New moms need emotional support. Sometimes being the friend that they can call at 2 AM when the baby wont stop crying is the best thing you can do. Aside from that, helping out with the chores at home.

  24. Shayla rogers says:

    I plan making a mama package with some things that will bring her comfort the first few weeks post delivery!

  25. I would give a stash of baby goods to a friend who’s expecting!

  26. angie dostal says:

    send her for a pregnancy massage!

  27. I like to help with the nursery, since I’m an interior designer. It’s fun for me and helps them a bunch!

  28. My best friend and I have a pact that all babies should be celebrated with a party…and if no one else throws a shower then we throw each other one. It just so happens that we are BOTH currently pregnant with our 3rd child!

  29. I would help her when she needed it with watching her 3 yr old when she needed time with just baby or to catch up on a nap while the new baby was sleeping too.

  30. Nikki Perry says:

    I would help a new mom by bringin over cooked meals that are freezer ready in case they want to save them, and offer to help with any housework.

  31. I also like to make meals that can be put in the crockpot easily.

  32. Robyn Lucas says:

    Bring a meal and do her laundry!

  33. I would make her lactaction cookies, meals for her family, and help with the older kids/house work! Having a new born is a full time job! I have two friends due in june/july and I wish I lived in the same state so I could help them!!

  34. I like to show up with a little something when I come to visit, usually something that she will run out of like baby wash or something along those lines.

  35. I like the homemade meals that you can just throw in the oven, when I had my first that was a savior!

  36. For mom’s to be, I tend to put together little care packages, usually for her but sometimes for the new baby. If she’s a first time mom, I put together a pile of LLL tear sheets, breast soothers (the kind you heat or freeze and put on your breasts), breast pads, some individual spa treatments, and sometimes the christmas leftover shower gift sets. Sometimes I’ll put stuff together for the new baby, usually a layette set, a birth info pillow, and information on cloth diapering.

  37. Go over and help, however the mom wants. Laundry, dishes, cooking, watching baby so she can sleep.

  38. Bring a meal with enough to freeze for later.

  39. Cloth diapers is a great idea! It also makes a good conversation topic at a shower for those not familiar with them.

  40. freezer meal!

  41. I like to make dinner for them and set up a week or two’s dinner deliveries with some other friends so it is one less thing she has to worry about.

  42. Irene Sommerfeld says:

    I would do housework or all those little things that need to be fixed.

  43. Cooking and housework

  44. Suzanne Flaca says:

    Bring meals by, let her hop in the shower, and run a load of dishes or clean the kitchen!

  45. Wow this giveaway is fantastic! We are expecting our first in April and I already have a stash started, but you can never have too many!

  46. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    Bring over meals (my dad did this for me and my husband and it was a HUGE help!)

  47. I’d use them myself due April 1st

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