Bamboozle Stretch Fitted Review


Bamboozle Fitted diapers have been on my “TO TRY LIST” my son has become such a heavy wetter at night, I figured fitted’s might be the way to go for overnight diapering. I had the opportunity to review this amazing fitted cloth diaper. Here are some features and my experience with the amazing Bamboozle Stretch Fitted.


Bamboozle Features:  the super soft BAMBOOZLE is made from gorgeous stretchy rayon from bamboo. Two sizes will take you from teeny-tiny (5 lbs) right through to potty training (35 lbs).

  • Super Soft made from Stretchy Bamboo Rayon.
  • Two sizes, size 1 (5 – 18 lbs) size 2 ( 9 – 35 lbs)
  • Slim fitting with multidirectional stretch – fabulous fit every time
  • Leak-proof design with adjustable legs and waist
  • Aplix fastening (like Velcro) – just as easy as a disposable diaper!
  • Hidden microfiber core and snap-in adjustable doubler increase absorbency and speed up drying time!
  • Fabric is durable and stays really soft, even when washing with hard water <–which I have.
  • Bamboozle comes in different colors which is awesome.

Lil Bam Bam’s Stats:

  • 15 months old
  • 24 lbs.
  • Sensitive skin
  • Heavy Wetter at night
  • Average baby size he is not chubby at all, more on the lean (small waited) rapidly growing 🙂


The Bamboozle has the snap down feature on both sizes to adjust to your little ones weight. The aplix is one of the strongest aplix I have ever used. While in the wash it did not come undone once which was very surprising since all my other aplix cloth diapers do come un-done while in the wash. The Bamboo rayon is so soft I can only imagine how comfy it feels on their bum. The fit of this fitted is a nice and snug the elastic is not incased therefore it just hugs babies legs without leaving red marks. Performance wise I was able to have my son in the diaper for about 45 mins – 1 hr. without a cover. We used the bamboozle overnight from about 10pm – 6am I did get some leaks the first couple times I used the Bamboozle with a Bummis lite wrap. After finding out the leaks I decided to add a doubler at night and that worked amazing, (keep in mind my son is a heavy wetter, the Bamboozle will reach its full absorbency after 10 washes). It is a very trim fitted compared to others, after a few washes the fitted soaker got a bit fuzzy around the edges since the edges are serged the diaper has also faded quite a bit after washing and drying, the aplix is still great and again its one of the best aplix cloth diapers I have.

Overall I liked the bamboozle its a very trim fitted diaper, I love the fit, the aplix is amazing. The bamboo rayon makes this fitted diaper very soft and comfy on babies bum. One thing I would change on the diaper would just be adding more layers of absorbency I think it would be great to have two pedals of inserts instead of one. My son enjoyed being in Bamboozle diaper he seemed comfy and looked super cute.


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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you.
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  1. Looks like a great fit, Polly! And I love the bright clear pictures you took of the diaper!

    • thank you Anne .. i made a light box !! You should try and make one if you dont already have one.. its fun to use. Than again you take great pictures too 🙂

  2. So cute!! I am going to have to look into this brand 🙂

  3. This diaper looks so comfortable! This is the first time I’ve heard about this particular style and brand- I think it’s going to become pretty popular.

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