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Smart Bottoms was started by Christy Malone her goal is to show families just how easy, healthy and inexpensive it is to Cloth Diaper your baby. Smart Bottoms offers an organic cloth diapering system that is 100% made in the United States. Their high quality products are available at a reasonable price, so all families can provide the finest for their little ones.


I received the Smart One 3.0 AIO Little Boy Blue print to review on my lil bam bam. The Smart Bottom came with instructions on how to use and wash, which is always nice because every cloth diaper is different and trying to keep up with all the different brand recommendations is obviously ‘not going to happen’ 🙂

Here are some Smart Bottoms Features:

-100% Organic Cotton inner provides a trimmer, more absorbent diaper.
-Attached insert can be folded to customize where your child needs the most absorbency, a total of 10 layers!
-Design allows for quick dry-time. Most machines will dry in one cycle on warm.
-One Size with 4 rise settings allow for a perfect fit from 8lbs-35lbs along with a hip snap to prevent wing droop
-Wider elastic around the legs decreases chance for red marks.
-New colors and prints!

Lil Bam Bam’s Stats:

  • 15 months old
  • 24 lbs.
  • Sensitive skin
  • Heavy Wetter at night
  • Average baby size he is not chubby at all, more on the lean (small waited) rapidly growing :)
  • Super Active

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Smart Bottom Cloth Diaper do not have encased leg elastic which prevents ‘red marks’. The attached snake style soaker can be customized to your likings. You can fold it in the front for more absorbency if you have a lil bam bam like myself or more absorbency in the middle for your lil pebbles. The PUL is very soft, the inner is 100% cotton which is awesome. I have a new love for natural fibers I have been slowly trying to get rid of all my microfiber inserts.

Lil Bam Bam’s Experience

I completely loved the diaper as soon as I received it. I prepped it 4 times before first use, I put it on my little bam bam and love the fit on him. I am not a huge fan of non-encased diapers. In the past i’ve had poop leaks with cloth diapers that were not encased. Whats encased elastic? elastic that has sewing channel (ex. bumgenius 4.0 pocket diaper). Not the case!!! with smart bottoms, all the dirty mess stayed inside the diaper, and was easily sprayed away. We did experience leaks BUT!!!! it was only because I had to wash and dry the diaper a few more times. I contacted Christy the owner she walked me through my problem and just kept great communication with me and suggested I do a few more washes and to also dry the diaper in the dryer. It takes organic cotton about 10 washings/drying  to reach its full absorbency and though it can be a pain, its totally worth it once you reach that absorbency. Another super awesome feature that I love about Smart Bottom AIO is that the diaper dries pretty fast wheather its being dried in the dryer or the line. Overall we love our new Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper I’m very happy to have one in my stash it has a great fit, its nice and trim, dries quickly and not to mention its made in the USA and they offer super colors and prints. I mean what more can yo ask for right?

smartbottoms trio

Somebody looks comfy  🙂 

Check out a quick video of my lil bam bam wearing his Smart Bottoms

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this review, the opinions on my review are totally mine and what works for me might not work for you.
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  1. What a cutie! It looks like a fantastic system that I’m going to have to try for myself!

  2. yes totally worth getting, i recommend this diaper.

  3. These are super cute and look really easy to use.

  4. Love the print! And the double snaps on the wings!

  5. I love the bright colors and the fact that they are made in the US is a big plus!

  6. Kristie Moffatt says:

    Love the bright colors!! Looks like an awesome diaper!!!

  7. Renee Greszler says:

    Love that they are made in the us! Super cute too!

  8. Carrie C says:

    Wow – 10 layers of absorbency!! That is great! And four rise settings. I need to try this one! 🙂

  9. love polka dots!

  10. Anna Northrup says:

    Love the print on this diaper! And hip snaps are a must!

  11. I won one of these from my local cloth diaper store and really like it, but unfortunately my DD is a little too big in the waist for it. With the hip snaps undone, it’s still tight enough for them to create red indentions that look uncomfortable, if not painful. I look forward to using it with my next baby, though!

  12. Valerie S says:

    These diapers look so great to me, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted these, or bumGenius Elementals as the few AIO OS diapers for the stash I’m building, and now that the Elemental was redesigned I’m Really not sure!

  13. I really like the double snaps on the wings! Definitely able to get a great fit that way!

  14. Claiborne says:

    I’m dying to try one of these!

  15. What a cute print!

  16. I would love to get one of these because of the organic cotton and stretchy leg openings!

  17. I’ve always wanted to try these!

  18. T.Wilson says:

    I love how colorful this print is. These sound like a really great diaper I want to try one, thank you for the review 🙂

  19. We have this diaper and LOVE it! Great fit and absorbency!

  20. Ann Shepich says:

    I have been seeing nothing but awesome reviews on this diaper and I would love to try it!

  21. Betty J. says:

    I did NOT know that about organic cotton! I’ve heard NOTHING but good things about these diapers. Some time I will have to try one myself! Thank you for reviewing it!

  22. I love this pattern:) Good to know that you should wash/dry so many times!

  23. natalie nichols says:

    Looks like a great fit. That’s a cute print too.

  24. Rumsita says:

    I really like the ability to fold the insert as needed. My lil guy seems to wet in one little spot (much more concentrated area than my daughter did) so extra absorbency is great!

  25. Janelle says:

    Great review, thanks! Love the design and that it is made in the USA!

  26. Cute diaper and I like it will fit 8-35, also the absorbance.

  27. I love this cute diaper and its absorbency!

  28. Made in the USA and excellent customer service, yes please.

  29. Bam Bam looks so cute in this diaper! I love that they are made in the USA!

  30. Kelly Tanner says:

    What a cute diaper! I love how trim it is!

  31. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love these diapers…just wish they didnt run sooo small in the waist. but they are very well made and i love that they are organic and made in the us. that was a huge selling point for me

  32. Love the 100% Organic Cotton inner… and what a cute pattern! Thanks for the review!

  33. Kathy Smith says:

    Love the print and bright colors of this diaper. Going to try this one for sure for my grandson.

  34. Linda R says:

    I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I love that it is made in the USA and it looks super soft and comfy!

  35. i like that that print is unique. never seen one like it before.

  36. This one is so cute!

  37. This would make a great gift for my friend’s baby shower!

  38. I totally agree with your review. We had a bit of a rough start as well. Now that little one is older with chunkier legs and I’ve washed the diaper a bit more, it’s working great. I would love to add more to my stash!

  39. I really love the perfectly pink print with the huge polka dots! I’m normally a pocket person but if I use an AIO I like the ones that have the soaker loose like this one.

  40. Super cute print and it looks like it fits really well! I love the giraffe print, too

  41. I got one of these on sale and am still trying to decide if I love it or not. I wish it had more stretch around the waist. But I love natural fiber AIOs so I’m willing to be pretty forgiving.

  42. Lily Ivey says:

    It’s really cool to find another US made organic cloth diaper. Love the prints!

  43. Julie O'Sullivan says:

    Now that my itty bitty preemie is big enough to try them, we are dying to give them a go!

  44. Wendy Mastin says:

    I like that it is one size with 4 rise settings allow for a perfect fit from 8lbs-35lbs along with a hip snap to prevent wing droop

  45. Jessie H says:

    Never heard of Smart Bottoms before. Great review, will have to add some to my stash!

  46. Andrew L. says:

    Very cute print. I like how slim the insert looks, some are way too bulky.

  47. Tracie D says:

    I love the polka dots. It looks like a great fit.

  48. These diapers are really cute! They would look so cute on my little man!

  49. Becky Contreras says:

    Love the print 🙂

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