Wordless Wednesday –
Ashton at 15 Months

My lil bam bam is getting growing so quickly. It’s been so many amazing having him in our lives. He was totally planned and we succeeded first try with an ovulation kit. I thank GOD everyday for giving me the best blessing of all, being a mother to this wonderful little guy as well as my beautiful munchkin.  

  • first time having smore’s at Yogi Bear Camp
  • bought him his first sock monkey hat
  • curly hair continues to grow
  • 24 lbs
  • walking and super active
  • love’s eating fruit (blueberries)
  • cloth diapered
  • loves playing with sister Adryana
  • lots of teeth 🙂
  • loves silk almond milk
  • loves Dora and Diego

How old is your little one(s)?

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  1. Big sis is 3 yrs 2 months. Little dude will be 6 months old tomorrow. He can almost sit without me worrying about him toppling over after only a few seconds. Stronger every day!

    • Sew Fatty says:

      Emily how are you liking her at 3 yrs old ?? 6 months awww such a stage… love it. GOD bless your babies.

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