Summer is coming,
I don’t want the ants in my home again.

Summer is right around the corner. I’m getting a bit skeptical. Not sure if you all remember when we moved into our current home back in April we had an ant problem, granted we came into the home blind sided that this was actually a current problem. These ants were small and according to “Moxie Pest Control” they were sugar ants. Not necessarily ants that like sugar since they were in everything. My sons clothes, diapers, food, we actually ate out for almost two weeks because we didn’t want to cook anything while having this problem. It was so bad that I couldn’t even unpack my home because I just felt as though these ants would just take over everything. It was a very stressful month. We called pest control it took them more them 5 tries to get it under control. It was as though we were right now a huge ant hill. So as summer approaches I’m trying to find ways to avoid this happening again not only for this reason but also because we have a new baby coming soon and I wouldn’t want any types of bugs or ants even spiders near him or on my munchkin or bam bam. So for starters I will be doing some deep cleaning around my home next week since my daughter will be on spring break and she can help me with bam bam. I have read some home remedies to keep these bugs, spiders, and worst of all ants away. If not I will have to call the big guns pest control to control our situation. I just want the house to be nice and clean bug, ant, spider free before baby coming home.


What do you do to keep these ants, bugs and spiders away? 

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