Breastfeeding: Pumps, Lactating cookies
Will they work??

After having my first-born Adryana and being able to successfully nurse her. I knew I wanted to do the same with little bam bam unfortunately I was not able to. Due to not latching on from birth and my nipples got sore and ended up with an infection. I truly believe that not being able to nurse bam bam and giving him all those great nutrients, has been a reasons why is has gotten sick so often. Adryana never got sick up until she was 1 or 2 years old with a minor cough. So third time around with mini bam bam I want to be able to successfully breastfeed him from the very beginning and do the best that I can. I know that breast milk is the best for our munchkins and just really want to give this 100% . SewFatty Medela breast pump will it work ? So in effort to accomplish this my hubby bought me my Medela breast pump this last weekend. I’ve never used one before so it’s totally new hopefully I will get the hang of it. I have some lactating cookies on stand by. I have a few recipes on how to make my own lactating cookies. Never the least just asking God to help me and just putting this in his hands and trusting in him. Due date is April 10 I have a feeling little Edward is going to make an early appearance. So we will see how this goes stay tuned…

What recommendations do you have regarding breastfeeding ?

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  1. Support! Make sure you surround yourself with support, and perhaps a good IBCLC. Some good resources for you:
    Kellymom used to have a forum, but now it’s a Facebook group with mother to mother support:
    Also, La Leche League is great! Find a local group here:
    Oh, and you can find an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant) here:

    You might consider sitting down with an IBCLC before babe is born to make a plan for if things go south like they did last time, so you have a plan in place before you need it.

    Good luck, I hope you are successful this time around!

    • Sew Fatty says:

      thank you Rumsita, i too hope I am successful this time around as well. I appreciate all the suggestions I will look into all these forsure.

  2. Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way! 🙂 You are doing awesome.

  3. natalie nichols says:

    Lactating cookies work, drinking lots of water works, FENUGREEK works, get lots of rest, but none of these things work without stimulation. If your supply begins to drop, my best advice is to pump, pump, and pump some more, especially after feedings. It will tell your body that you need to make more milk.
    Oh, and good job hubby! In my opinion, the Medela PIS is the best.

    • Sew Fatty says:

      awesome thank you Natalie good thing hubby bought it for me then huh?? I will do that pump pump !! I appreciate your suggestions Oh BTW he was searching for THE BEST BREAST PUMP at work all military they looked at him and said “yo valenzuela why are you looking at breast pumps ” lol??

  4. Best of luck to you! And I’ll tell you right now, I had better success using a Medela Freestyle (basically a lightweight, more portable PISA) than I had with the hospital grade pump. Fenugreek is also a life saver!

  5. Having a pump is a must for me. Those first few weeks are tough as we adjust and it’s nice to take a break from the baby’s sucking every once in a while!

  6. Can you share the recipes for lactating cookies? I also have the same pump on stand-by…. Our baby is due Monday! My first baby and I’m determined to make the breastfeeding work for our schedule!

  7. Get Edward on your skin as soon as you can after birth. Breastfeed within the first hour. Here’ a post I wrote about getting off to a right start:

  8. You are going to love your Medela! I know I love mine. In fact, if it weren’t for it I might still be in labor! It really helped to move things along.

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