Making the Switch to Cloth Pads !

SewFatty: Making the switch to cloth pads

Eco-Owl by Netta Cloth Pads

A couple of weeks before finding out I was pregnant I was considering making the switch to something more eco-friendly. I’ve always used disposable pads, I tried a tampon once and swore to never again use it. It felt uncomfortable and just not for me. I tried the lunette cup and even though I believe it’s a great alternative to tampons and works great for so many woman, it’s just not for me. I’m a pad girl !! So I figured since i’m already using cloth for my son’s why not use cloth for myself?

After much thought and researching I have made the decision to make the switch to cloth pads. I have a small stash of Gem Cloth, Eco Owl, and a few other brands that I will be reviewing. Again I’m totally new to this and not quite sure what materials, styles, I will prefer but I’m totally excited about it. Just like my son has cute awesome prints, I too will have my cute stash. (I’m a total dork, sorry)


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More Menstrual Cloth Pad Post coming this week… Stay Tuned…


Do you have any suggestions for me??

Feel Free to share your experience or thoughts.


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  1. My period has not returned yet because of breastfeeding. (Woohoo!) But I have already bought some mama cloth to try.

    • Sew Fatty says:

      yay!! im so excited about starting.. i know its kinda weird or funny but its a new thing for me. Which ones did you get Heather?

  2. Rebecca Greene says:

    I had some as well, liked the postpartum size because I had several pregnancies and they made night time easier to deal with. I also have some liners that I use at the gym because…ahem, I had several pregnancies… I got the few I have from wahm’s on ebay. I use a moon cup as well now, but I plan to seek out more cloth as my girls reach puberty. Hoping they never know the irritation of disposables!

  3. I recommend Happy Booty Boutique (HBB Designs on Etsy) and Lola’s Loft (on Etsy). Those are my 2 favorite that I have actually been able to use. I am working on my Post Partum stash and now and am loving the size of Kristy’s Creations (on fb) Large pad. I have used pads for 2 years now! I love it and will not be going back and am working on stashes for both of my girls! I recommend 9″ for starting pre-teens and teens out. πŸ™‚

    • Sew Fatty says:

      Melissa I will def. be looking into these shops I’m planning a month full of different cloth pad shops. So glad to hear great feedback, I for sure don’t ever want to go back to disposable pads. Thank you so much for the recommendation, I too will have my daughter wear cloth pads when her time comes.. hopefully not anytime soon πŸ™‚

  4. I have one cloth pad and I LOVE it. I haven’t made the switch yet but I’m going too! I hate the chemicals that are in pads. And after using a cloth one, they are so uncomfortable now!

    • Sew Fatty says:

      Poekitten YAY!! so glad to hear that!! I hope you get many more.. I will be planning a month full of reviews and giveaways so please be sure to come back.. and check it out. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. There are so many great companies out there that I love. Tree Hugger is great, I like Luna Pads….I also haven’t got my period thanks to either nursing, or Mirena that I got a few months ago, but I definitely will be back to cloth if it returns!

  6. Love cloth so much more than disposable pads! I’ve always needed to wear a pad as a backup to tampons (though next month I’ll be trying the SoftCup, likely leading up to trying a Diva or Lunette). I am so much more comfortable in a cloth pad than a disposable. Somehow the disposable always gets dislodged at least once during the cycle and the adhesive ends up sticking to my skin, and then it is in the wrong place!

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