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38 Weeks Pregnant

I feel like I’m going to pop any day now. I never experienced Braxton Hicks with my first or second pregnancy and with this pregnancy I have totally experienced my share of these contractions. Just last night I was not able to sleep much because of the pain they weren’t just contraction like pain, but also pain in my ankles bones. No fun! I weigh 183 WOW, I’m totally huge. I have an appointment with my nurse on tomorrow. Last week was a scare, my doctor told me I was positive for Group B Strep Infection. I felt horrible I’ve never experienced this before so I felt like a horrible mother, after talking to my amazing friends online. They all reassured me that either they had dealt with it in their pregnancy or know of someone and everything would okay, it was nothing I did, which put me at ease. I’ve been getting babies clothes, cloth diapers organized just in case he makes an early appearance. My mom is set to come on April 7th but my dad might end up just driving her here on his working diesel truck. My MIL and SIL are also set to come around the 10th so we will have a full house. I will be delivering the baby in Corpus Christi which is about 40 miles away from where we live so I have everything packed and ready to go. I also had planned to cloth diaper lil edward at the hospital, but I want to make everyone’s life easy so I plan to use sposies while at the hospital and once we get home cloth diapering him. I don’t want to haul with dirty diapers, I also don’t trust anyone else doing my diaper laundry. So that’s the plan for now… I will keep you all updated as the time is very soon to arrive.

Stay tuned……. Due Date is April 10

When do you think lil edward will make an appearance ??

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  1. I had Strep B with my first…and didn’t know it until after my water broke! My Dr. failed to tell me after I was tested. I was visiting my in-laws in Austin, 3 hrs away from the hospital that I was to deliver at and went into labor a month early. My husband and I went to the local hospital (which scared me to death…I honestly thought that I would die from some crazy disease there or something…it also didn’t help that my pharmaceutical rep. husband told me that the hospital wasn’t well liked for a variety of reasons). The Dr. instantly accused me of not taking my medication (that was never prescribed to me because my Dr. never told me I had it!) and told me the risks of delivering with it. I was given some medication and the Dr. told me that it was pointless staying there since I was only dilated at 1. My husband and I left that place and drove to the hospital I was registered at…I cried the entire way there!

    Anyways…love the picture! Praying for a smooth delivery 🙂

    • …oh yeah, the delivery went wonderfully and my little boy was and still is fine 😉

      • Sew Fatty says:

        wow!!!! that is a mouth full Alanna so glad you went to the hospital you were supposed to deliver. I experienced a horrible service here at our local hospital its I want to say ” one of the worst hospitals i have ever been to”. So for that reason I will be delivering 40 miles away. So glad munchkin is good thats all we want is for them to good.

  2. Aww, don’t worry about GBS. I had it with my daughter and had absolutely no issues. My OB said most women she sees have it and she herself had it with 3/4 of her pregnancies.

    And that is an adorable bump.

    • Sew Fatty says:

      Thank you Ariel 🙂 yes I totally freaked out .. but after talking to the amazing blogger friends I felt so much better. Thank you 🙂

  3. I am so glad you were reassured about the GBS. It occurs all the time and you did nothing to cause it! I think baby will come a week late, April 17. My last two were both exactly a week late. I love the pic! You have a great belly! Keep us posted!

  4. Ah time is flying by! Your little one will be here any day now :).

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