Tips for Keeping an Older Sibling Entertained While Breastfeeding a New Baby

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Sewfatty : Tips for Keeping an Older Sibling Entertained While Breastfeeding a New Baby by Michelle Ferguson

Bringing a new baby home can be quite the experience for an older sibling. A toddler or preschooler may be a bit jealous and act out a bit to get extra attention from his or her parents. Mommy nursing the new baby is the perfect opportunity for older sibling to act out because there isn’t much mommy can do about it, right?! If you have a new baby and are wondering how to keep your older child from acting out and destroying your house while you’re nursing the new baby, here are a few tips for keeping older sibling happy, content, and entertained while you nurse!

Snacks or Meals- The new baby is eating so your older child may be wondering why he or she can’t eat too. If it’s a time of day that your toddler or preschool could eat a snack or a meal, fix that for them before you start nursing the baby. Then nurse the baby while your toddler is eating also.

Games or Movies- Some parents don’t like for their kids to be glued to the television all day long, which is understandable. But an educational game on your smart phone or a television show or movie can be a huge help when trying to keep your older child occupied when nursing your new baby. Have your toddler sit next to you and let him or her play a game on your smart phone or put on their favorite movie and they can watch or play right next to you while you feed baby.

 Mommy’s Helper– If your toddler or preschooler likes to help, let them! Include them in feeding time. Have them go get you a burp rag or diaper. When baby is done eating, have them help you burp the baby. Anything they can do to help, have them do it. It will keep them occupied and give them a sense of confidence and importance as the big sibling!

Read to Me- If your toddler or preschooler likes to read, have them pick out a few of their favorite books, sit next to you while you are nursing the baby, and read to both you and the baby. Even if they can’t read yet, just having them tell the story to new baby brother or sister will have them feeling special and important.

If you need to stop, do it- If your older child is misbehaving or getting in to something they shouldn’t be while you are nursing, and telling them to stop isn’t working, then it is ok to stop nursing the baby for a moment and redirect your older child. Your older child has to learn that they can’t just get away with anything while mommy is feeding the baby. The baby will be ok for a few minutes while you deal with the older child. So do what you have to do to keep older child out of trouble and harm.

These tips should make life with a new baby just a little bit easier for you. Making the transition from one child to two can be a big change! But it’s just a matter of finding what works and what makes everyone happy. Hopefully these tips will help!

By: Michelle Ferguson


Sewfatty : Tips for Keeping an Older Sibling Entertained While Breastfeeding a New Baby by Michelle Ferguson Bio: Michelle is the mommy blogger behind the blog The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom! She is the mommy of two young boys and when she is not wiping little noses and chasing away bad guys she loves to crochet and blog! Be sure to to visit her Two Brothers Blankets Etsy shop she offers so many cute items

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  1. Awesome tips, healthy distractions, reasurance and patience is key to keeping older sibling happy while tending to the needs of new baby 🙂

  2. I also went through times where my toddler felt that the perfect time to be a beast was when I was doing something, anything with his baby sister. These are great tips!

  3. When I brought my baby girl home my son, Dylan, was very willing to help. He was not so interested in the diaper changing, but he loved helping me hold her bottle. This is a very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

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