Swaddling a Newborn baby with a Woombie #MamasBabe


I can’t tell you, how many times my husband has asked. ” How do you swaddle up the baby up again? ” A good swaddle can be hard to accomplish is why a Woombie is so awesome. It has become my husbands favorite piece of clothing to put on our little Edward. We have swaddled each one of our munchkins from birth to about 4-5 months.

Why you may ask?

  • Reduces SIDs swaddling makes it hard for babies to inadvertently cover their heads or face with bedding and decreases their ability to flip over onto their stomachs, both of which have been linked to higher rates of SIDS in newborn babies. We lost my nephew at 23 days old to SIDs and it has forever haunted me. So knowing that this will reduce the chances of that helps me stay at ease.
  • Swaddling your babies creates the foundation for which other soothing techniques build upon
  • Many people feel that a newborn needs to have their hands free so that they can practice using their arms, but most of the movement of your newborn baby’s limbs is actually unintentional and random. ( Little Edward does this a lot is why swaddling him or having him in the woombie is so good.)For these reasons I totally recommend swaddling or using a woombie on your newborn baby.

woomWe love our Woombie. It keeps my little Edward snuggled, it creates a sense of calmness and keeps him from getting scratches on his face. The materials used are Cotton/Spandex blend it has a 2 way zipper which is awesome while changing diapers. It is super easy to use all you have to do is put the baby in and zip up. Even though it is cotton it’s a very thin cotton making it fresh to wear and not too hot for him. I totally recommend the Woombie it is definitely a ‘Must Have’ for newborns. Above are some pictures of my little Edward in his Woombie, as you can tell we like ours a little too much 🙂

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