Wordless Wednesday – Ashton 17 months

sewfatty: ashton 17 months old / www.sewfatty.com

  • blows kisses
  • growls at us (hubby gives him a look and ashton knows when to growl) super cute
  • gives us ojitos
  • stomps his feet like “happy feet”
  • connected with grandma and grandpa and cousin little chris
  • he is such a lovable boy he loves to cuddle and love on us.
  • he knows when daddy is home, runs to the door screaming “daaaa daaa”
  • loves watching Dora, Special Agent Oso
  • loves playing with cars and balls
  • he loves kissing brother.
  • weighs 25 lbs (hubby calls him “bite size, ganga his little minion” 🙂
  • cloth diapered
  • he enjoys when we massage his back or scratch it.
  • understands both spanish and english

My little bam bam is growing up so fast. I love him at this age, he is just so lovable.  They grow up so fast we have to enjoy the special moments. Grateful for every morning, I am able to wake up with good health to three wonderful munckins and a loving husband. God Is Good !!

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