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Making the switch to cloth pads has been so amazing. I don’t know why I had not done this any sooner. Having great cloth pads to make the switch with makes it, that much easier. Environmenstrual cloth pads have been in my stash since having my son just recently. I knew I would need some heavy-duty pads for postpartum. Rachel sent over these two beautiful pads for me to try out. It was just love at first sight her pads where the second pads I had seen and felt and they were simply amazing.

Sizes Available: Mini Regular|Midi Regular|Maxi Regular|Overnight/Heavy Regular|Maxi Super|Overnight/Heavy Super | Postpartum /Overnight| G-string

Environmenstrual Facts:ecompads1

Topped: Bamboo Valour, Bamboo Terry (as shown on picture) but there is also Microfleece, flannel, suadecloth, cotton.

Inner Core (absorbent layers): bamboo fleece

Backing (waterproof layer): hidden breathable PUL

Absorbency: I started using my Environmenstrual pads, right after having my son, so as many of you may know your period sometimes (not all the time) is heavy right after having a little one. In my case it was heavy. I used these pads for daytime and night use. Both times these pads worked amazing. They held up great for about 3 hours (I change my pad every-time I go to the restroom) without any leaks or stain on my underwear. The pads are also thin yet still very absorbent.

Workmanship : Rachel pays great attention to detail, her cloth pads are high quality. She uses nothing but the best quality materials to ensure they are practical, durable and as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. These pads are so perfect they look store-bought.

Style|Fit : The style of the pads I reviewed are flared at the front and back. The fit of these pads is great the flared part of the pad make it have the extra coverage. Not sure if you ladies can relate but when laying down for a nap or to sleep sometimes our flow tends to just rise up, so having that extra coverage in the back or front is awesome and helps prevent any accidents. The fabric choices are so soft against your skin you seriously don’t even notice you have a pad on.

My Stats:

25 years old| 170 lbs | 5’5

Overall: I love Environmenstrual cloth pads I have these two in my stash and will be adding some more very soon, I just need to make sure I will have a period while breastfeeding my son. I am told that some woman’s period stops while breastfeeding so I want to see if that’s the case for me or not before I go crazy on my new-found addiction of cloth pads. 😉 The quality and workmanship of these pads are just flawless. You will not be disappointed, the one and only thing I did notice is that, these pads do tend to stain easier than others I have. I believe it can be due to the material being used. So I would highly recommend rinsing as soon as possible and rubbing some buncha farm stick on it to prevent any staining and having a flawless pad for a while. I also have to say that they are not at all noticeable, they are comfy and conform to you body. These cloth pads are a little more on the higher priced pads for the fact that Rachel is in Australia. If you live there then it’s amazing, but if you live anywhere else the shipping can be a bit much, I will say that her pads are worth the price. Rachel offers such cute prints you wont be able to just choose one. Your package will come with a care instructions card along with a cute magnet which is my total favorite I have it on my dryer.dryer

Care Instructions : Per Environmenstrual

To keep pads fresh and stain free, rinse in cold water after use and rub a little “Sunlight” or “Sard” laundry soap on any remaining visible marks. Cold or warm (<40 degrees celcius) machine wash with your next load of laundry (before pad dries out!!!). Please don’t soak pads or use fabric softeners or bleach on your pads. Occassionally you can add a lidful of oxy soaker to the wash if pads need a freshen up.
Ultra violet light is a great natural sanitser and line drying without delay, in direct sunlight, will help keep your pads fresh and odour free. A occassional warm tumble dry is ok but keep to a minimum as the hidden PUL layer may perish with constant tumble drying.

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  1. I really want to make the switch.

  2. Belinda Baker says:

    I am the very proud owner of some of Rachels pads and absolutely love them! Just waiting to save up to add some more to my stash

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