Happy Little Llama – Nursing Pads Review

SewFatty: Happy Little Llama Reusable Nursing Pads Review.

As many of you may know I plan on breastfeeding my little Edward. I’ve learned from support groups I’m in that nursing pads are a MUST HAVE while breastfeeding. So can you say let the nursing pad stash begin 🙂

Holly the WAHM behind Happy Little Llama makes these super squishy nursing pads. They come in this cute mesh baggie with a care card attached.

Why I like Happy Little Llama Nursing Pads :  SewFatty: Happy Little Llama Reusable Nursing Pads Review.

  • 2 layers of organic bamboo fleece, topped with organic bamboo velour. — I love natural fibers
  • Super soft against your skin — who doesn’t love soft material on them 🙂
  • They are supposed to keep my shirts dry  — my boobs will be leaky, not wanting to have any accidents.

Overall I believe these nursing pad’s will do their job. They are nicely sewed or should I say serged, they are super comfortable. They are a bit noticeable, but if wearing a bra that has a bit of padding you wont really be able to notice. They wash well, I washed them to prep them so when baby comes they are all set to go. As far as absorbency I cant really say just yet, this is still so new to me, so I will update you on this one.


Hey mamas so I now that I have my ittle Edward here with me. I had to update you all on these nursing pads. I’ve been a leaky mom these days. I am still loving these nursing pads they absorb well. The only thing I would change about them is I would love to have a waterproof barrier, there are some nights that I wake up to a drenched bra {no fun}. Other then that they are perfect I need to add some more to my stash. You can never have too many nursing pads 🙂

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Disclosure: I received this combo pack  for review. No other compensation was given for this post. All descriptions, photographs & opinions are my own & my family’s.


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