Breastfeeding Little Edward – Behind the Scenes

I wanted to let you all in on some behind the scenes on my breastfeeding journey!
What a journey it has been ! not “easy” it’s very hard at times, especially while your exhausted and all you want to do is sleep, but you can’t because you have a baby to nurse.
I latched little Edward soon after we welcomed him to the world. He seemed to be a pro. I was not leaking nor was I showing signs of any milk or anything at this point but I latched him on because the nurse said “it might not seem like he is getting enough, but he is. Your babies stomach is the size of a pea so they don’t need much to fill them up”. I then confirmed this with the lactation nurse there at the hospital. Because I felt as though he was not getting enough or any I made a bottle of formula and dripped the milk on my breast as he was latches on to me. This seemed to work and keep him satisfied. I did this up until I actually got my milk in. I was so excited to see that I was producing milk.

How did I find out?? I used my breast pump. After finding this out I decided to start eating my lactating cookies I might have done this too early in the game but I just didn’t want my son to not have enough and have to resort to formula so I started eating my Making Mamas Milk cookies. Super delicious, I soon noticed a difference as far as my milk supply went. So to keep it this way I purchased some more cookies to keep my milk supply steady. I am so grateful to have found these cookies as a resource to help me with making milk for my little Edward. It has not been easy I will say that much!! I recently had a clogged duct this happens when your producing milk faster than you’re expressing it out. I didn’t know it was a clogged duct I was assuming the worst like an infection or something. Thankfully I prayed and asked GOD to please take away this feeling, later that night I was reading some articles and came to the conclusion that I may have a clogged duct. So I then did some hot compresses and immediately milk started to come out, I massaged it out and thankfully pain went away!! I was so happy and relieved. I also still have some pain while baby latches on its only in the beginning but it’s slowly subsiding. I can now say I have a steady supply going and I’m super thankful that little Edward is getting his drink on 🙂  the only thing with that is that he also goes through diapers like crazy he pees a lot not sure if I can categorize him as a heavy wetter but pretty close ! I’ve noticed that regular AIO cloth diapers soak up very quickly. So we have been using Thirsties cloth diapers ( hemp prefolds) with Thirsties diaper covers. These seem to work great especially over night with no leaks.


Do you also go through diapers more frequently because you nurse your like “all the time” baby??  


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  1. Megan McNeal says:

    I change with every pee or poo no matter how small and in the beginning it was35-40 cloth diapers a day!!!!

  2. We also went through a ton of diapers in the beginning. My milk was in early, but little guy’s digestive system wasn’t processing all the liquid and much of it was passing through. He peed through 2 disposable diapers (and leaked) in the hospital on night 1. Thank goodness I had brought some cloth diapers with! I personally feel like the “inconvenience” of nursing all the time is worth it in the long run. I also pump while at work, and I would take nursing any day over washing all those bottles (and I’m not even doing the heating of bottles, etc). Bottles are a nightmare for me. Little guy is now 11 weeks and his feedings have spread out to 3-4 hours with a 5-10 minute nursing session. It takes a little while, but it is so worth it! I nursed our first to 23 months and it was awesome!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I love “unthemed” posts just full of “Mommy thoughts” and real life things.

  4. tiffany says:

    Orchid goes through a ton of diapers as well 😉 she nurses a ton to!

  5. My son went through about 20the diapers a day! He was a constant nurser and chugged like a champ. Since it made my supply huge, I got those painful ducts quite a bit.
    Glad little Eddie is doing well!

    • Sew Fatty says:

      yes thats what little edward does chuggs it and he even chokes sometimes from how fast he is trying to drink it or my flow one or the other 🙂 I am so glad I have not gotten a milk duct stuck that was by far some painful stuff.

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