Wordless Wednesday – Hi, Bye Max

My husband has been wanting a dog forever now. He grew up with pets, dogs being one of them. I, on the maxandfamother hand am not a pet person at all. So when the idea of getting a dog came up, I was not too gung ho about it. I mean I have enough on my hands with my munchkins, so to think that I have to feed and care for a pet, is just not on my agenda.

Hubby surprised me last saturday with a super cute 8 week old puppy. Ashton was so happy to have Max athome, he would not let go of him. Seeing how much Ashton loved Max made me like the dog. After 3-4 days my husband notice that the kids were just not acting like themselves, even though Ashton loved Max he would get scared of him at times. He also experienced having to get up in the middle of the night with Max to take him out, to do his buisness. So he seen first hand ashtonandmaxwhat I have to do with our little Edward, and its not easy you know ?  I mean in all honesty, sometimes I barely have time to take a shower. So we decided that at this time in our lives its just too much, so we gave Max to a very nice couple, that will care for him and are Dog lovers. I will admit it was sad to see Max go, he hid behind our couches. He had gotten used to being with us ;(

So it was nice having him here with us for a few days, and though it was a bit sad. It was also a learning experience, and that’s how I look at it.



Have you ever been through the same situation?

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  1. jessica long says:

    you should try a cat Polly you take them to the vet once a year feed them and clean their box once a day. THey are lovely. Short ones dont shed at all. they can get away from kids too!

  2. Sew Fatty says:

    Im allergic to cats Jess !!! I breakout everywhere.

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