Ashton at 18 months !!

Ashton | Ganga | Bite Size | Minion | Papas 


  • Loves playing with his cardboard house
  • blows kisses and closes his yes to give you ojitos <– (squinting eyes)
  • he stopped drinking milk to go to bed.
  • such a happy little guy
  • stomps his feet like “happy feet”
  • loves fruit
  • he is such a lovable boy he loves to cuddle and love on us.
  • he knows when daddy is home, runs to the door screaming “daaaa daaa”
  • loves watching Dora, Special Agent Oso, Little Einsteins
  • loves playing with cars and balls
  • he loves kissing brother.
  • weighs 25 lbs (hubby calls him “bite size, ganga, little minion” :)
  • cloth diapered
  • he enjoys when we massage his back or scratch it.
  • understands both spanish and english
  • very obedient
  • his hair is so long, I can put it up in a pony tail 🙂
  • he has been rash free whoot whoot !!!!

Thank You God for blessing me with this beautiful, loving, healthy munchkin.

He makes my life so happy.

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  1. He is such a cutie! Love his hair too 🙂 18 months is a big half birthday!

  2. Sew Fatty says:

    Erin, its amazing how much they change and grow. I wish there was a freeze button 🙂

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