What is a Bento Box ?

SewFatty: Bento Box for Adryana

Bento:  \ˈbentō-\
A single portion boxed lunch or meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish/meatand vegetables on the side. The containers are usually compartmentalized, but not always.
It is even thought of as an art form and a skill. The food is often arranged to resemble other objects, such as flowers, leaves, cartoon characters etc.

So this coming up school year I plan on making my munchkin a fun healthy bento box everyday. They normally SewFatty: Bento Box for Adryanahave a snack after Reese’s so she will have her Japanese inspired bento. I am super excited about this. I got the inspiration from April over at MarineParents, she currently lives in Japan and makes these fun Bento Boxes for her little munchkin. I thought it would be fun for Adryana. I already ordered some bento items from April for Adry, Bam bam and lil Edward ( I know, I know little Edward doesn’t even eat real food yet I went a little crazy sorry doesn’t hurt to be prepared haha ), they should be here soon. I will be saving Adry’s bento box, as a gifts for her upcoming birthday August 7 my big girl will be turning 7 years old.


Also I should mention that these bento boxes can be used for all occasions not just for school (snack on the go). April will be opening up a Bento Box/ Accessories shop next week on Etsy be sure to check it out BentoADay

So if you also start this “New Fun Lunch” theme with me be sure to posts some pictures, on here or on my Facebook Wall even by email sewfatty@gmail.com I’m super excited. I will post pictures of her Bento Boxes each day on my Instagram and will post them all on here every Friday.

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SewFatty: Bento Box for Adryana

* Pictures from Marine Parents : Bento Box
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  1. I love this Idea and will try it with you !! 🙂 it looks fun

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