Ashton at 19 Months Old !!


Ashton’s 19 Month’s Old Fun Facts:

  • got a second hair cut ( his hair was too long and bugged him)
  • he is able to say the words : go, car, spongebob, ball, juice, pease (please ), thanks
  • he has been sleeping a lot these days, to the point where he will fall asleep anywhere (floor, high chair, next to me) {he he}
  • blows kisses with the hand
  • he loved Max {dog} for the few days we had him.
  • takes off his cloth diapers {snaps}
  • he likes to copy his sister and do summersaults
  • he closes his eyes to be invisible {hubby does this as playing around, if I call him and I walk in the room he pretends he is sleeping or something} now Ashton is picking up on daddy’s trick and he is now doing it. It’s totally hilarious.
  • he loves to give brother kisses, he is very lovable.

Watch Ashton give his brother Edward kisses Click Here

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So grateful to have such a happy, loving, curly haired little boy that loves us all so much.

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