Happy 4th Of July !!

Sewfatty: Happy 4th of July

I would like to thank all Active Duty, Reserves and Veterans for your service, being that I am a Military spouse I know it’s not an easy job but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a proud Navy Wife and Sister. My husband and brother both have the same job in the military they work on the flight deck {Crash and Salvage}.

Sewfatty: Happy 4th of July

Crash and Salvage perform rescue operations for aircrafts and jets which crash or have emergency situations. They perform emergency shut down procedures, rescue pilots and air crew, and provide a safe haven for pilots and air crew and when in need, they perform salvage procedures for aircraft which crash overboard. So they pull planes and pilots out of the sea, my husband has rescued 2 pilots from two burning aircrafts which is how he got a NAM which is an award from the rear-admiral {this is huge}.

Sewfatty: Happy 4th of July

Brother in the front 🙂


My brother joined the military about 3 1/2 years ago and already is best in his division, he made rank quick. Both of these men, mean the world to me. I am super proud of both of them. My hubby recently re-enlisted and soon to pick new orders and brother will also be re-enlisting. May God keep them safe at all times.



Sewfatty: Happy 4th of July

Hubby in red shirt.


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  1. jessica long says:

    Danm polly you husband or bother (the one in the second photo alone)is Good lookin!!! what an awesome job they have! Happy 4th!!

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