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SewFatty : Firmoo Glasses Finding out our daughter needed to wear corrective glasses was a bit much to take in. I guess I just didn’t want to accept it. We were told this, three different occasions. I was in such denial I went to three different optometrist. Finally the last appointment was at our Naval Base. They finally broke it down for us, and let us know why it was imperative for Adryana to wear glasses. As parents you want your kids to be healthy, and for them to be all around great. Granted my husband’s side of the family all wear  glasses. The optometrist said if we have her wear glasses now, there is a huge chance she will not need them for the rest of her life. That being said we had to get on the right track and get some glasses. I was a bit skeptical about buying online. I few of my concerns where.

SewFatty : Firmoo Glasses How will I know if they fit my face frame? Is the frame going to look good on me?

Well fear not, Firmoo has the Virtual Try-On System. 98% of their customers have found their perfect match glasses. They also have a First Pair Free Program “LUCKY DRAW”, one pair of glasses can be won plus the free shipping everyday. How awesome is that?

We received our daughters glasses, and we were very impressed. The quality of the glasses is amazing. The glasses feel sturdy, they are the correct prescription, and fit my daughters amazing. They come with a sturdy hard case as well as a soft case with a little tool to adjust your glasses and of course a glasses fabric cleaner. We are completely happy and super satisfied with Firmoo customer service we will be purchasing more glasses for Adryana in the future. Also may I mention the shipping was very fast. Which is always nice to have your items quick. So if you are looking for prescribed and non prescribed glasses be sure to check out Firmoo, totally recommend them.

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