Happy Breastfeeding Week 2013

Happy Breastfeeding Week


This week means so much to me, I feel so blessed to be able to share this day with so many moms out there !! All you breastfeeding mamas out there should be proud. I feel like such an accomplished mom, something I thought I couldn’t do. I feared that I would not be able to nurse little Edward. Here to tell you, that I have successfully been breasting for the last 4 months ! Yes. Can you believe little Edward will be 4 months old on the 8th? crazy right? I feel so proud of this milestone. I never thought I would make it this far, the beginning was tough and I felt as though I would quite, but I didn’t and I’m so happy that I stuck with it. A huge thanks to GOD and Making Mamas Milk lactating cookies.

This month was challenging for me, in the beginning of the month we went to Sea World in San Antonio. I took my Dria Cover  (since i’m still a newbie, i’m not trying to flash people) šŸ™‚ and will say that being covered up did make me feel comfortable. I also thought to myself how would you feel without it? Not sure how I would feel since I have not done it. I guess I will cross that bridge once I get there. I understand it’s a learning process, I guess I will get there soon. My plans are to breastfeed little Edward till God permits me. Watching little Edward grow makes me super happy. I couldn’t ask God for anything else.


Any tips on nursing in public?

Will you be attending the Big Latch On ?

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  1. My little girl must be a little claustrophobic…she’s always, ALWAYS freaked if I tried to use a cover. I learned fast when we took her to a local theme park when she was an itty bitty baby, that I can’t worry about how I feel, my baby comes first. I always layer clothes and drape a light blanket ( like A+ A swaddler ) over my nursing arm, and feed baby ! One of the best pieces of advice I got was to ignore everyone around me and only look at my baby, because she was all that matters got the length of that feeding. Those simple things TRULY HELPED. Yes, I still get nervous, but it was LIBERATING to accomplish it the first time…paved the way for at least confidence and courage as we continue our journey.

    • Sew Fatty says:

      Yes i think i will feel super accomplished once i do it for the first time. I have to find the correct attire for it as well.

  2. I used a cover the first few times I NIP but for me, it ended up being a hassle. My daughter didn’t mind the cover initially but now she fights having it on her head. We haven’t used it for about 2 months now. The first time without the cover was a little scary but I feel like a pro now! Keep practicing and you’ll feel the same.

    I’m attending The Big Latch On with some girlfriends tomorrow and I’m very excited to celebrate breastfeeding with other moms.

    • Sew Fatty says:

      The Big Latch On will be held 50 miles away from me.. so kinda hard for me. I will be supporting you all though thank you mama for the words of wisdom.

  3. I never bothered with a cover. In my mind, it just draws more attention to what I’m doing! šŸ˜› Instead, I just pull my shirt up and bra down. Once baby is latched, there’s nothing to see. I practiced in front of a mirror before going out the first time so I could see what others would see, and I realized there really wasn’t much of anything for others to get offended about.

  4. Sew Fatty says:

    Olivia your totally right i will practice doing it in front of a mirror so that I can see what others see. Great tip thank you.

  5. The mirror tip is great! When I nursed my oldest, I was a total newb, and in the beginning always hid in the car to do it. I got a little better, and used a cover, but by 6 months or so, my daughter started to fight the cover. She would pull it off her face and get mad if I tried to cover her back up. So I just did away with it. I just always made sure I was wearing a cammi underneath my top so nothing was hanging out [since I never bought nursing tops, and thought they were a waste of money!!] and really, no one ever commented or said anything negative to me! I even walked around walmart grocery shopping while holding and nursing my infant son. No bad comments, or “Hey I can see you!” — nothing!

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