Adryana’s Back to School Week – BittyBentos August 12-16

Back to School !!


Happy First Week of School for us šŸ™‚ We have started our bento week, feeling good about it so far. I thought I would feel overwhelmed, but planning ahead and getting it done the night before is the trick. Here is what I packed this week : 

Monday : First time making her bento snack in the am. I was a bit slow this morning. {Kiwi slices, sandwiches in triangle shape, grapes, with lot’s of LOVE. 


Tuesday: After the first day I knew, I needed to pack bento the night before. {Sliced Fig bars, halves grapes, star shaped marbel cheese.}

Wednesday: I’m starting to get the hang of it.. i’m still a rookie {Fig bars, bunny shaped cantaloupe, sliced carrots, fruit snacks}


Wednesday evening, I received my first BentoUSA shipment, I was super excited to start using my new bento accessories. 

{Animal containers | Cute-Z-Cute Cutters | 2-tier Bento Box | School Bus Bento Box | Animal Picks Wax Paper Wraps | ABC picks}

Thursday: I was super excited to use our new accessories.. {Heart shaped strawberries, baby carrots, wheat thins & bunny shaped marble cheese, half grapes, ranch inside the chick }


Friday: TGIF!! Today we have a cute snack {PB&J bear sandwich, strawberries & pears } I think she’s gonna <3 this one.

Adryana's bittybentos

Overall this week was great, I made my munchkin super happy. After school, she makes sure I know that she ate everything and comments that kids give her.. like..

Kids at school : Adryana, your lunch is so pretty.
Adryana: oh, thank you my mom goes on bentousa

Another person that noticed my cute little creations was my brother, in which I thought was so nice that he even acknowledge it and commented. Here is a screenshot of his text message.


What is Bento ?


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  1. These are just too darn cute!

  2. I do not understand how people have time to make Bento boxes. Maybe for a birthday or another special day, but not every day! I barely have time to make food, let alone spectacular food.

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