5 Great Reasons to Drink Water

H2O has been my best friend these days. I am wanting a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. My mom always told us to drink plenty of water to be able to live till 100 years old. I certainly would love to live that long and be able to see my children have children of their own. For this reason, is why I want a Healthy Family Hydration. Here are 5 great reason to drink Water. 


Weight loss –
Water is the best drinking source for weight loss. It’s also a great appetite suppressant (I have eliminated juices, sodas in my diet and only drinking water). Water has no fat, no carbs, no calories, no sugar. 

Healthy Heart –
We all want a healthy heart, heart is what keeps us alive. So drinking plenty of water will lower your risk of a heart attack. Drink 4-6 cups a day. We keep our water nice and cold and ready to go, so that our munchkins always have access to them. 

Boosts your Energy –

My hubby is a working out type of guy. He always reminds me to pack Adryana waters for school, because if she is thirsty, then  she is dehydrated, and its so true. If our kids or ourselves are dehydrated we feel week, no energy and those are not good. So keeping ourselves hydrated is the best thing. Especially here in Texas. 

Beautiful Healthy skin –

Growing up, my mother always reminded me to drink water, so that I didn’t have breakouts. You know (acne) ?? being that I was in the teenager stage and going through puberty. I often felt insecure about my self. Having acne was the last thing I wanted, so I drank plenty of water. Acne is bad build up in your body, so taking care of our intake will help reduce that. 

Digestive System –
My recent diet plan consist of drinking nothing but water. I noticed that my digestive system has improved dramatically. Not only that but drinking water has pretty much detoxed my body. Something that everyone should definitely do.

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