Create & Sell your own custom tees

Teespring offers the option to make your own tees and sell your shirts with no upfront charges. We all know that us Cloth Diapering mamas are all about representing our munchkins in their diapers. So why not make some super cute shirts and sell them at a decent price and make some profit off them. 

How does it work ?

1. You will design your tee with their online designer, I chose a picture The Art of Doodle drew for me. You pick what style and quality you want with a reminder of how much it’s costing you.

Create & Sell your own custom tees

2. You will choose a goal and set a selling price for your tees. Teespring has their awesome software in which it gives you a estimate profit. 

Create & Sell your own custom tees

3. You will title your Campaign, share via social media. You will sell shirts past your goal until your campaign ends. Once it does, Teespring handles the printing & shipping and you get a check for the profit! 

How awesome is that?? The pretty much do all the work. Who wouldn’t want to sue their service. 

Super easy, and you can make a few extra bucks. Not to mention its totally easy to set up and use, It took me less then 10 minutes. 

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