#BittyBentos made fun with CuteZCute Cutters

Bitty Bentos just got super fun for Adryana. These awesome CuteZCute cutters are have been my favorite in my slowly growing bento stash. They are very simple to use, and have endless ideas to create {granted I’m still new and I am slowly getting more creative with these}. You can cut ham, fruit, cheese, bread, cookies, pancakes, fruit lather with these adorable cutters. They come in a total of 4 kawaii animal shapes {bear, pig, frog, cat} including the main cutter  and a food pick which is used to poke the item out of the cutter.

CuteZCute Review @ SewFatty

CuteZCute Fun FACTS :

Dishwasher safe
FDA certified by SGS
BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead Free.  
100% recyclable packaging
Made from High Quality Food Grade Polypropylene (PP)
100% Food Safe

Designed in USA

Made in China 

Not only are these cutters just super cute, but again they are super easy to use for new or pro bento-ers. These cutters are sturdy and not flimsy like other cutters I have in my stash. They are made to last and you will definitely  get your money’s worth. 

Here is a super quick video on how to use them. 

Also check out this cute video on how to make a ‘POP OUT PANDA’ Click Here 




Overall I love our CuteZCute Cutters, they are seriously my favorite. You can do so much with them. They are sturdy, FDA certified, affordable, the packaging comes with picture directions which is my favorite. {as shown above} and of course too darn cute.  Be sure to buy your munchkins this awesome set, they are awesome. Here are a few of our #bittybentos snacks, using our CuteZCute cutters. 


You can purchase them at BentoUSA or  Amazon




What is a bento box ?

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