We finally got orders.. Were moving !!

So happy to announce that we are officially moving back to San Diego, CA. We just got news of this yesterday and I just couldn’t hold it in. This is a bittersweet time for me, because though I am super excited to be closer to my family my brother is currently in San Diego. My heart also hurts for the fact that I know what awaits us. Which is deployments, since we’ve been on shore duty (meaning he doesn’t deploy) hubs has been with us every night. I have forgotten what it’s like to not have him around. So to experice that again, not only with one child but with three now, is just so scary and my heart hurts just thinking about it. I know this is what we signed up to do, it’s just becoming more of a reality again and experienceing these feelings. The last time he was on a deployment Adry was young and though, she knew her daddy she didn’t have a close bond with him, because he was gone most of the time.

This time around we’ve added two more to the mix and by the time we get back they will be old enough to know that daddy won’t be home. I’m just asking God for strength since I know it’s not going to be easy. I am excited to go back to a city and state that we love. We were both born and raised in So Cal and our first duty station was San Diego. I’m also excited about being closer to my parents whom will be my greatest support system. We’ve prayed a lot about our ‘next’ duty station. I asked GOD to take us whenever he thought, we would keep on growing in his word and just where he thought we belonged. So I’m trusting this is where we are meant to be. We will know the official date soon so as of right now were only assuming, will move anytime from feb-April. More to come soon… 

Military spouses how do you help your little ones

coupe with daddy or mommy being away?

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  1. I am an Air Force Brat that grew up overseas during the Cold War – I understand how bittersweet it must be. Now that I’m a mom, I have a newfound respect for the juggling my mom did when my dad was called away in the middle of the night (he was in the control tower for the air strike on Libya in 1986). Thankfully, Air Force didn’t do major deployments back then (have no idea now), but I would suspect the fact that we were already living in Europe had something to do with it! The plus side is that you will be near family for help and support, Polly!

  2. Congrats! We were pretty sure that we were going to move to San Diego. My hub had a job interview in La Jolla and was on of the last two in the running. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. It seems like the weather there is perfect.

  3. Congrats on the move. And good luck!

  4. I’m definitely not a military wife, and I found it very difficult to cope when my husband was gone for just a few days. But at least you’ll be near your family again and will have a support system to help? Congratulations on going home and best of luck to you and yours!

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