Cloth Pads {Part 2 }

What do I need in order to start using cloth pads ?

  1. Cloth pads 🙂
  2. bins, basket, drawers to store your cloth pads.
  3. Wet bag (you’ll use this to store your dirty pads), mini wet bag (for on the go).
  4. Eco-Friendly detergent ( perferably one that is natural, to maintain maximum absorbency, most importantly to avoid build up. ) * I use Rockin Green but really want to try their Cloth Pad detergent Rockin Green Femme Rock 
  5. Buncha Farm Stick helps with stains.

 Which size and style of cloth pad is best for me?

Keep in mind that every woman is different, what works for you may not work for others.  The best way to find your ideal cloth pad is to try a sampling of pads from several companies before purchasing your entire stash. The size of the pad will also affect how they fit and wear. You should also try different lengths, I’ve recently tried this and found it very helpful. Just when I thought I found the right size, I found another size that works best for light and heavy days. 

How often will I need to change my cloth pad?
 Well this really depends on a few things, your menstrual flow, the fabric and style your wearing, your clothes. So It’s hard to say exactly. I like to change my cloth pad every time I go to the restroom, unless i’m on my light days and I have a clean pad, then I don’t. 

How will I use cloth pads while on the go?

You’ll carry your little mini wet bag with you into the restroom, inside you will have another cloth pad ready to use. You can store pls2the the dirty cloth pad with the absorbent side face up, simply fold in the top and bottom and snap the wings together. Your pad will stay safe and clean until you wash it. This is also a great way to carry your clean pads. 

Some may think that a pad must be rinsed as soon it’s taken off. I found that it is unnecessary to rinse right after. It’s perfectly okay to wash your pads whenever you happen to do laundry, even if that’s several days later.

How do you put a cloth pad on?


How do I know what size to choose ? How do you determine if its a good fit for you?

Cloth pads are such a personal preference accessory that only you can know what’s best for you. Starting out with cloth pads can be super exciting – like seriously.  My recommendation is trying out a few different sizes  like the ones Pink Lemonade has to offer and going from there and determine what size fits best and which one’s don’t. 

I’m so happy I made the switch over to cloth pads, it saves me money but most importunely. My cramping has subsided so much, compared to when I was using disposables. If you have not made the switch just yet, I challenge you to try it. Seriously you won’t want to go back to disposables. 

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  1. I’ve been getting ready to take the plunge on mama cloth. You’re showing that it’s no more difficult than cloth diapering. 🙂

  2. Rebecca Peters says:

    hehe I would never be brave enough to show off my panties , did you have to look through your drawer to find a nice pair or make sure they werent too sexy? lmao! You should check out some sea sponges- I LOVE them! NOTHING like regular tampons, as I cant use them, they are painful for me, but sea sponges, its like its not even there, I use a cloth pantiliner as well. But the sea sponge is really nice because you just rinse with water and its clean, and then sanitize it once a week by boiling! 🙂

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