Loving my Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pads #PLS


Sizes Available: 7 Sizes  

Topped: Organic Bamboo Velour | Minkee | Bamboo Fleece

Inner Core (absorbent layers):  layers are made of bamboo fleece

Backing (waterproof layer):  PLS pads are backed with water Resistant Windpro Fleece

Extras: All pads are wing style and are fastened with a quality poly-resin snap

Absorbency: I used my PLS pads after a month of not getting my period, due to still breastfeeding so my period was a bit heavier then other months. PLS had me covered I did not leak once. I did however change my cloth pad every time I went to the restroom. The flow went right down on the center of my pad, that just shows to prove its an awesome pad to me. I have a few other pads that the flow goes down to the wings, but that did not happen with my PLS. 

Workmanship : Sue uses nothing but the very best fabric materials for her pads. These pads are made with lots of love and attention to detail. They are high quality pads in every way. 

How may you ask? Fabric materials used are high quality (bamboo velour, bamboo fleece, minky, wind pro fleece), lots of LOVE!!! 

Style|Fit : Pink Lemonade cloth pads are rounded  front and back. The fit is great, after you figure out what size works best for you. I notice, I like longer pads I feel more covered that way. Really just depends on what you like and what fits your body frame. Also should I mention that I wore my pads with tight leggins and you could not notice them 🙂 

Still wondering how to wear cloth pads ?? Click here to read more..

My Stats:

26 years old| 160 lbs | 5’5

Normally I am heavy first 2-3 days and after that it becomes lighter.

Overall: I am completely in love with my Pink Lemonade Pads. I currently have 7 of their pads, and cannot wait to add more to my stash. I am currently still breastfeeding my son, so there are some months I do not get my period, but when I do. I love using my PLS pads. The quality and workmanship of these pads is just amazing. Not to mention Sue whom is a sweetheart and her Assistant Alex. They offer such a great customer service, which to me, is key to a successful business. Sue offers an array of pattern choices, I think thats the hardest part in choosing 🙂 These pads are totally affordable, and Sue is always offering discounts on her pads. Making it easy for you to build a stash. You will not be disappointed. 

Care Instructions : (Pink Lemonade Shop Recommendation)

Rinse in cold water after use.
Toss in your laundry basket or wetbag until washing day.
Wash and tumble dry in Warm or Cool temperature water and dry cycle.

Please avoid:
Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softener
The ‘Sanitize Cycle’ on your washing machine, if it has one.

** Psst…. Every wednesday Pink Lemonade does a “Brandi’s Pick” which is when PLS staff member Brandi, chooses the fabrics and sizing and they put that set together and discount it for the day!! 


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  1. Geri Fink says:

    I love my PLS pads. These make up half my stash and they are my favorites!

    • Sew Fatty says:

      They are my fav. too Geri thank you for stopping by. What colors do you have ?

      • Geri Fink says:

        I have that pink camo set you posted above, one animal print, a couple of dyed bamboo in dark pink, a very pretty blue and a few others. My favorite is a a deep purple with black. It’s almost like a damask. I have another 5 on the way from the New Years sale. I love her prints and colors, simple, yet elegant.

  2. I have after having the opportunity to review PLS. I use them mostly as a back up for my Lunette

  3. I have made the switch and the majority of mine are PLS. I love the quality of them. =)

  4. I LOOOOOVE my PLS pads!! They’re awesome <3

  5. Michelle ringor says:

    I need this. I have not one cloth in my stash YET.

  6. I only have one PLS pad and I like it a lot! I would love to win more! Love your blog!

  7. Hope I win to start my stash!

  8. kathryn white says:

    Just making the switch and building a stash I can’t wait to try pls

  9. I have recently made the switch and I currently have 4 PLS in my stash!

  10. Julie Lame says:

    I have recently switched. I am currently postpartum and am loving my cloth pads!!

  11. Would love to try them out.

  12. I would love to win this to give this brand a try, it has great reviews.

  13. I just made the switch to cloth!!! This would help me build my stash!

  14. I’ve made the switch and would love some more bamboo velour pads in my stash!!

  15. I never thought about using cloth pads, what a wonderful idea.

  16. I have made the switch to cloth pads and I love them!

  17. i wore cloth pads about 3ish years ago. i made the switch because of cloth diapering. however, i went through a divorce and my ex threw away my whole stash!!!! yes. dont ask.!! so, now i started to rebuild my stash again. i have like 7 pads all together now. so, starting fresh! however, i am pregnant so i have plenty of time to build a new stash!

  18. No, but I want to.

  19. Yes, I love Pink Lemonade Shop products!

  20. Kera Adams says:

    I actually just used my first one a couple of days ago. Slowly making the switch but I only have 4 pads right now.

  21. I haven’t made the change but have thought about it.

  22. I switched to mama cloth postpartum, which was 3 weeks ago. So far I really like using the cloth pads but I don’t have enough for a full stash so I’d love to add some more and in different sizes.

  23. I haven’t yet, but I am currently pregnant. Every time I buy things for it, I get pregnant again. Soooo no luck yet. But I have about five pads ready for my first pp period! 😀

  24. Deb catmandu says:

    I’ve never used re-usable pads, but have been wanting to try them! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  25. I switched about 4 months ago or so. I don’t have enough yet so I use a mix of cloth and disposables. Pink Lemonade pads are the only ones I’ve tried and really like them.

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