Totally Fun Giveaway for all my Etsy Lovers

Who loves Etsy? I seriously can spend hours on that site. I will be giving away a $25 GC to one of my awesome readers, to spend on whatever their heart desires. I hope you enjoy this giveaway as much as I do.

Share with all your friends and family. $25 GC to Etsy via

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Giveaway will end at 11:59 EST on March.28, 2014

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  1. birthday gifts for my son!!!

  2. Baby stuff for our future little one!! Due Oct. 13th. 😀

  3. Geri Fink says:

    Most likely PLS on etsy.

  4. A wool wrap or maybe some fitteds for our newborn due this summer!

  5. Sarah Hayes says:

    I would buy my daughter a bday shirt

  6. Barnolds barnes says:

    New diaper for my son

  7. there are so many amazing shops on etsy it would be really hard to choose! Probably something awesome for my husband’s birthday that’s coming up though. 🙂

  8. Fitteds!

  9. A cutting board!

  10. I need some silver chains for a project that I’m working on. I’m not currently at liberty to speak about it in public. 😉

  11. My birthday is in march and I would love to buy for myself gift

  12. new wall art!

  13. Cloth diapers or crotched stuffies for my boys

  14. Cloth Diapers or baby legs

  15. sarah sar says:

    I would love to buy a new purse!

  16. I would get a personalized satin blanket for our new baby to match the one my daughter has.

  17. Suzzanne Sullivan says:

    Probably some jewelry – maybe something for my new great grand baby due in May

  18. Melissa Saenz says:

    I would buy a chalkboard print for my house. : )

  19. i’d buy yarn! 🙂

  20. Courtnie says:

    I’d buy scrapbooking materials.

  21. I’d buy stuff for our baby due in April! I already have my eye on some cloth wipes and some portable diaper changing mats

  22. Angela trindle says:

    Oh please please. I love etsy

  23. Kimmie Kim says:

    I will get a cute AIO cloth diaper!

  24. Chrissy B. says:

    Cloth diaper

  25. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I would buy something handmade for my daughter. 🙂

  26. Rachel Figueroa says:

    Probably a cloth diaper of some sort. So many great shops on Etsy!

  27. A cloth diaper!

  28. Michelle says:

    Is but more WAHM diapers! Perhaps id try a woolie

  29. I make homemade skincare so beeswax, cocoa butter, etc.

  30. I’d like to try a WAHM diaper.

  31. Jessica Hughes says:

    I’ve been looking at pretty Spring wreaths lately! I’d love one to freshen up my porch.

  32. Kitty Iecvan says:

    I’d buy a scarf.

  33. so many choices! I would have to do some serious browsing!

  34. Some nursery decorations!

  35. Rebecca E. says:

    Cloth diapers for my son. 🙂

  36. There are these sweet leather headbands I’ve had my eye on…

  37. Amanda P says:

    Jewelry! I love some of the custom pieces I find browsing.

  38. Erika Rhodes says:

    I would buy either a skirt or necklace…anything from my favorited items!

  39. Dawn Sollitto says:

    I would buy a newborn hat for my friend

  40. I would probably buy a piece of memorial jewelry in honor of our two babies.

  41. I love etsy a lot my favorite for buying creative stuffs

  42. Rachel Williams says:

    A new dress for me.

  43. Beth Rees says:

    Definitely a cloth diaper

  44. I would buy a gift for my friend who’s having twin girls in July!

  45. marie wallace says:

    I would buy a cloth diaper!

  46. Megan Ramsey says:

    infant headbands

  47. I would get a pretty teething necklace. We lost ours and I really would love to replace it.

  48. Probably a cute t shirt.

  49. i don’t know what i’d buy. i love etsy. maybe some more newborn dipes. maybe some shoes for kiddo.

  50. Tracy Gordon says:

    A cloth diaper or mama cloth.

  51. I’d buy headbands for my daughter.

  52. Jennifer says:

    I would probably buy a cloth diaper!

  53. Helen Treas says:

    Some of my favorite diapers are only sold on etsy!

  54. jennifer wexler says:

    i would buy a decorative sign

  55. meredith says:

    I would buydecor and stuff for a bridal shower I am hosting 🙂

  56. chelsea preston says:

    A pair of wool longies or soaker. Would love to try wool on my little one due in August.

  57. Wall decors for my nursery! 🙂

  58. Vicki Hall says:

    I would buy a cloth diaper .

  59. One Southern Girl says:

    Some jersey knit fabric!!

  60. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    I would buy jewelry from a maker that i have recently had the pleasure of winning from. Her work is gorgeous

  61. I’d buy a wool diaper cover!

  62. Ashley Vande Zandschulp says:


  63. Raina Hood says:

    I will get stuff for my boys.

  64. Rebekah Drapeau says:
  65. Jessica B says:

    I think I would buy some cloth wipes or a wetbag.

  66. Jewelry

  67. there are so many lovely things. Probably something for my daughter.

  68. I will buy matching personalized shirts for my son and his new sibling!!

  69. I love buttons, upcycled and recycled, earrings and bracelets – too many to guess what will strike my fancy

  70. Baby things for our little one on the way!

  71. Gina Hiskes says:

    Headbands for my girls!

  72. A Cloth Diaper

  73. Corrie K says:

    I would buy some Firefly diapers from Mommy Soup!

  74. Jewelry

  75. I’d buy awesome cloth diapers for my little one due in July 🙂

  76. Angela Tillman says:

    Give it to my husband

  77. Lindsay C says:

    I would get a cute clutch.

  78. Michelle H says:

    Maybe some teething jewelry, or a fitted diaper.

  79. Buy my daughter more cute little outfits..

  80. Heather Garcia says:

    I would love a monogrammed garden flag.

  81. Either Pink Lemonade mama cloth or photo backdrops

  82. An Easter outfit for my baby boy 🙂

  83. A homemade necklace I have had my eye on for a while. Thanks for the chance!!

  84. A WAHM cloth diaper for my 6 month old.

  85. Luv the custom design picture frames x

  86. a WAHM made cloth diaper!

  87. Crochet baby patterns, or a toy of some sort for my toddler.

  88. Alexis C says:

    The possibilities are endless. cloth diapers, cloth pads, wood play food. Play silks…. so many things on my “want” list.

  89. I dont know yet, but some of my ideas are: crochet patterns, sewing patterns, a teething necklace, cloth diapers, a borthdau shirt for my son, a ring sling, or something off my favorite list for myself. 🙂

  90. There’s so much to choose from! But there’s some great glass and pottery artists on there that I would love to own a piece of their work.

  91. I will buy maybe a crochet pattern book.

  92. Elena Giron says:

    Something Harry Potter related.

  93. Probably a diaper OR something fun for me!!

  94. Nicholle Holycross says:

    I would buy a personalized Mickey shirt with a cute applique for my son to wear on our trip to Disney!

  95. Trishelle Burchett says:

    Stuff for our new baby 🙂 🙂

  96. Alexandra Duran says:

    Cloth diapers or wool dryer balls

  97. Cute little presents 🙂

  98. Taylor Schell says:

    there is a hat I want but I would possible buy some custom onesies for my little guy

  99. Something for our son due in July. Or maybe a big brother shirt for the big brother.

  100. I would buy some brownies or caramels!

  101. Some diapers.

  102. Diapers, headbands, or dresses for my little girl

  103. This is so exciting! I would use it to purchase a few items for my baby’s nursery. Love their customized baby stuff

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