Effortless Meals are my kids favorite Meals.

SewFatty household sometimes needs a break here and there, so for that reason effortless meals are sometimes awesome. This post is sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are my very own peeps. 


School is back in session and life is back to being hectic, and it seems that i’m always running around like a crazy woman. It’s a good life, full of memories and fun activities. I wouldn’t have any other way. I try to plan out, the day so that I can try and accomplish all that has to be done that day. For example, with my husband I prep his meals for work on sunday; that way it gives me more time to do “other” stuff like clean. I swear cleaning is a never-ending story. For the kids I love to get them effortless quick foods like pizza. It’s not everyday I buy them pizza, I believe in giving them stuff like that, in moderation. We love Walmart’s Rotisserie Chicken its $5 bucks ready to go. We make healthy sandwiches, salads with this chicken. It taste amazing and the best part of it is; its already cooked for you. So, for all you busy moms out there these meals are awesome, super quick and keep you out of the kitchen. I love the kitchen, but sometimes I need to take shortcuts like these in order to stretch my day a bit longer get things done or simply spend more time with my munchkins.  

Coca-Cola and Walmart have teamed up to make meal time just a bit easier with their Effortless Meal bundles. You can get a meal for a great price and have a happy family and be able to spend more time with them without all the cooking. Mom’s you know what i’m talking about.  

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 Happy Family, Happy Life. 

You can find these awesome effortless meals at Walmart/ Walmart Neighborhood Market. Be sure to check out My Coke Rewards to unlock bonus points when purchasing Effortless meals! 


What would you do with the extra time ??

When buying Effortless Meals? 

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