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Many of you may know, that I am on a fitness journey. I have changed my life around and I really just want to live life to the fullest. In a healthy and fit way. I want to see my kids grow up and have fun with them. I don’t ever want, my health to ever stand between my happiness with them. So staying fit and healthy is my lifestyle. As an awesome girl I follow on Instagram @mshelllll saids I want to be a #BA4L 

So, I wanted to tell you all about this Yoo Challenge App. It’s pretty awesome. (See Pictures Below) It’s a small device you wear (I wear on the side of my leggins/pants) and as you go on about your day it counts your steps and tracks calories /distance. It’s a great way to keep track of how much you’ve done in a day. It’s super easy to use. You receive your device in the mail, open it up. Download the app on your iPhone, create an account. Sync your device choose a challenge and start tracking. Another awesome thing about this device is that like most tracking devices you have to keep on charging them. The Yoo requires NO re-charging battery life. They come in these super fun colors, they are small and not bulky. I seriously forget that I have it on. Not to mention the YOO challenge community. It’s nice to have people that are on the same track as you, to motivate you. I think there comes a time in our fitness life, that we sometimes get discouraged or get down on ourselves. That’s where a good support system comes into play. 

Yoo Challenge

Select your device and challenge and start tracking.

Yoo Challenge Device

Overall, I really like my YOO. Something I would love to change about it, would be for it to track my heart rate. For example when i’m doing weights or workouts that are stationary and not moving too much but still have a high heart rate. It would be awesome to count those calories in too. Besides that, its a really cool gadget to add to your daily routine. For me, I would love to know how many calories I’m loosing while doing weights since it’s my everyday routine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure you do. It really is a cool and easy gadget to use. 


How do you keep track of your calories ? 

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