Perfect Summer Treat : Frozen Yogurt Pearls #stonyfield

Perfect Summer Treat : Frozen Yogurt Pearls #stonyfield

There are not enough emoji’s to express the love I have for these new Stonyfield : Frozen Yogurt Pearls. They’re like heaven in your mouth. Here is a little more about them.

  • with out a doubt beyond delicious
  • ONLY≈ 20 calories each
  • Portion controlled, great for your MACRO count
  • No spoon, no cup, no limits! 
  • Perfect on-the-go snack
  • Flavors available : Peach & Vanilla, Coconut & Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate
  • The patent pending WikiPearl® technology creates a delicious protective skin from natural food particles.
  • The skin protects the yogurt from the outside, enabling it to be washed, carried and handled without being damaged.  
  • Stonyfield is proud to be collaborating with the inventors of this technology, Harvard professor Dr. David Edwards and his Cambridge-based company WikiFoods
  • They are deliciously inspired by how nature packages fruits-like the skin of a grape and a giant step towards a truly sustainable package.


What can I say about these little “yummy balls”- the boys call them. They are such a decadent healthy snack. They are perfect for my crazy hectic life at times. Perfect portion. Each package comes with two pearls. I’d say they are bite size, I was able to eat one with one bite 🙂 hehe however they can be eaten in two bites. I think I was a bit too excited. My favorite are the Peach & Vanilla and Strawberry & Vanilla and my kids I think are the same. I cannot wait to grab these at Whole Foods soon. My nearest Whole Foods is about 20 miles away, however I will make the drive just for these bad boys. 

Where can you buy them ? 

Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls now available across New England at Whole Foods Market (except Providence store) and are located in the freezer aisle at $3.99 for two. You can also use the product store locator 

 Who doesn’t love to save ? 

Stonyfield FroYo Pearls-105

 Disclaimer: I work with Stonyfield as a YoGetter and I am compensated for my work. I did receive a sample for this review. However, all opinions and thoughts contained in this post are mine. 

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