Happy Earth Day. Spring is blooming. #stonyfieldblogger

 Disclaimer: I received Organic Seeds from High Mowing Seeds from my participation with Stonyfield. All opinions expressed are my own.


It’s beautiful here in sunny San Diego. The weather is just perfect. We are excited to celebrate Earth day by planting our little garden, with my daughter. She’s always wanted a garden, so I was super excited to finally involve her in something she’s been wanting.  seeds

We started off by planting them in our planters, but figured we should also plant some near our sprinklers. I am so glad we did because the growth on the plants we planted around the sprinklers have bloomed. They look so beautiful. It’s so amazing how attached you feel to something you have work for, I know it may sound funny. However, knowing that we planted this seed and its growing. Feels so amazing. My daughter was so happy when she seen the first leaves bloom, everyday she looks at her plants and makes sure she has watered them and enjoys seeing their growth. 

This has been such a great experience for both my daughter and I. Something you should totally try. 

High Mowing Seeds

I love that High Mowing Organic Seeds, sent over information on how to go about planting. My daughter wore her High Mowing Hat, but she accidentally deleted off my phone 🙁 We still love ya. 

You can check out their website for more information. 


Happy Earth Day. Have fun planting some love.

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