Hallmark’s Mother’s Day Cards + Giveaway #lovehallmark ‎#PutYourHeartToPaper‬

Mother’s Day should be every day. I believe as a mother, our job’s are never done. There is always something to be done or someone to attend to. I love it and it’s the most rewarding job of all. I am blessed to be able to celebrate and praise my mother on this day. A day that is all about her, beside her birthday of course. This day is celebrated for all the love and work she does. To show her that we appreciate every she does for us. 

My mom is my Wonder Woman, she is a God loving woman that is a total Proverbs 31 woman. I’m not sure what i’d do without her. Hallmark was kind enough to send over some amazing cards that I have already sent out to some of the most important ladies in my life aside from my very own mother. hallmark

Hallmark never disappoints with their amazing cards. These cards, read exactly what you’re thinking. They offer cards in spanish and in english which makes it so amazing to send to my aunts that only speak spanish. Hallmark always offers beautiful cards and gifts for any holiday. You cannot go wrong with a hallmark card or gift. 


Do you have a Hallmark Store near you ?

How will you be spending Mother’s Day ? 

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