How times have changed.

I remember back in middle school and high school the thing to do was write letters to your friends. As we got older, and started having a boyfriend our form of communication was, of course letters; house phone. I remember my boyfriend then (hubby now) had gotten in trouble and was grounded, he couldn’t come see me and at the time we went to different schools. So we made this sneaky way of communicating. We would write each other letters, and them in my parents Ford Explorer that didn’t work at the time. He would pick it up in the am or at night – I forget. That was our way of communicating. It’s bittersweet to know how much technology has changed. 

I mean don’t get me wrong. It’s amazing to be able to FaceTime my parents in Arizona all while being in California. At the same time I miss just having the old times, no technology, just back to the simple ways. Where you actually did an effort to communicating. Now and days we just use abbreviations for everything. 

I think its amazing of how communication/messaging used to be before my time. I mean i’m talking about the smoke signals, pigeon, telegraph, pony express. Some of the forms of communication that interested me were message in the bottle. For the fact, that it takes awhile for the bottle to get to shore, and so the messages  get to them until weeks, months later by then it was possibly too late? 

The pony express and balloon mail are also pretty interesting. I just makes me wonder, how exactly they worked. I think about the pony express and I wonder about the rider, did he stop to eat and how was it that he made it there on time. How did he calculate this timing. The History of communication and messaging is just so interesting to me. To learn more click here . It history worth sharing with your students, kids. 

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