Pre-Workout Meal. #stonyfield

We have partnered up with Stonyfield Yogurt and Nature’s Path cereal. Super excited to be part of two amazing companies. 

I was already a huge fan of Nature’s Path Granola. I have purchased it at my local Costco. My family loves this stuff. I initially was a bit skeptical because I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin seeds. However, once I poured the milk and tried it. I was hooked. It has a crunchy texture (like rice krispies), its sweet, its super delicious not to mention super healthy for you. I love to eat it, as if it is cereal. I have tried it with Stonyfield plain yogurt and it also tastes amazing. Nature's Path Granola

Nature’s Path Granola has 5g Fiber/31g Whole Grains /6g Protein / Excellent source of ALA Omega-3 /

0g Trans Fat /Per 55g serving.

It has everything my body needs to fuel my workouts in the am. 

The Qi’a Superfood is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Qi’a (pronounced Kee-ah) is their NEW Superfood Cereal made with Chia, Hemp and Buckwheat. This power trio is full of plant-based Protein, Fiber and ALA Omegas. Boost your nutrition with only 2 tbsp. of cereal and feel the energy from this powerful, functional, and nutritious superfood. Enjoy a blend of vanilla-dusted cranberries and almonds for delicious flavor and added nutrients.

I literally eat this right after my workout. Tastes so amazing. It’s the perfect snack in between your meals and again, great post workout. It’s not your regular trail mix. This is actually good for you. You seriously have to try both of these products.

Costco sells the Nature’s Path Granola, they sometimes offer samples. Be sure to try it out. Promise you’ll fall in love.  

Nature's Path Granola

Have you tried any Nature’s Path goodies ?? 




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