Holiday Proposals.

Sometimes, I wished I had an amazing romantic story to tell about how my husband proposed to me. However, I don’t. We were high school sweethearts, soon after we graduated he decided to join the Navy. He went off to bootcamp for two months, while at A school. (Which is his rate school that he attends after graduating bootcamp.) We talked about getting married. I was only seventeen, at the time. I told him we would need to get my parents on board, because I wanted to leave the house with their blessings. We got my parents blessings, but he never really proposed to me. We talked about it, and just did it. We had close family join us at church and a small reception for our family and friends.

Holiday season is my favorite time of the year. I think that Marriage Proposals are so amazing around this time of the year. There are so many different ways to go about it. Here are a few of my favorite, as I’m sure they would be to others.

Advent Calendar – Be creative and check out pinterest to grab some ideas. You can use cardboard jewelry boxes, paper bags, magnetic tin, reusable fabric baggies. Add a little something to each day, that your spouse will like, or appreciate. Choose the day you want to propose (you can leave the wedding ring in there… or you can even make a little riddle for him/her. To find it and have something special waiting for them)

*Before you present this calendar to your future spouse, make sure you let them know; to open each box, bag, ect. Once you are home, that way when the big day comes they won’t suspect anything* 

Special Ornament – you can go to Michael’s craft store and buy a clear ornament. You can add sentimental items inside, glitter, special note with either the ring inside or a note that saids ” will you marry me? ” and you then show them the ring and say your speech. You can present this ornament possibly while decorating your christmas tree. 

New Years – while the countdown is going on.. last few seconds till clock hits midnight.. you propose to that special someone, and follow it with a New Years kiss. Ta Da!!! 

Hope these are helpful and if and when you propose to that special someone and use these, be sure to share your story with me. I’d love to read it. 

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